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New Moon in Sagittarius, 23rd November 2022, 23.57 CET, Malta

The effects of the eclipse season are still on. We can see a serious disturbance in the Force coming from many fears, anxieties and resentments that are coming to the surface.

This NM will act as a refreshing bath as the forced unilateral and fixed focus of Scorpio shifts into a more relatable duality in Sagittarius. Here we get to reap some rewards of an eclipse season well-faced and explore familiar, if uncharted, landscapes. With the Sun's move into Sagittarius in its early stages we are called to explore and understand how we can integrate our spiritual and animal polarities and also explore the idea that fundamentally there is an inescapable harmony between individual and collective needs. Mercury and Venus, conjuncting the NM, give us the joy of communicating and re-inventing the way we relate to others and the world.

During the eclipse season in Scorpio / Taurus we were/are faced with the issue of stability and the dissolution of our egoic boundaries. As we move into Sagittarius for a simple but powerful New Moon we carry within us the knowledge and re-activations that the deep Scorpio times have ushered in. The ego re-emerges, this time less solid, more aware of and at peace with its true function and mortality, and therefore less inclined to exaggerate its own importance in the order of things.

In Sagittarius we gain the wisdom of the sage by becoming students of life and its dizzying possibilities. We become more open to the courage to live and change, to taste more of the wines and delicacies of both the physical and the noumenal worlds. From the “death of me” in Scorpio we move to “becoming truly myself,” a renewed blossoming of diverse beauty from the one buried seed. It is time to change our minds, challenge ideas that we hold sacred, and re-form our truth.

For this we need a climate of balance. Water in the soil and fire in the sky. And this is precisely what this NM offers by way of an unusual trine aspect in different elements (a trine, by 'law', is always in the same element). The stellium comprised of NM conjunct Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius (fire sign), is in a trine aspect to Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (water sign). Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius, while Neptune rules Pisces. So this is a time of growth, a time to finish and start, and certainly a time to heal in very concrete ways.

Sagittarius is the centaur. We experience in our being the “taur” of the bull/horse, but are called to lift up the frequency a hundred-fold. This is the essence of integration of opposites and dualities in which the ego naturally subsides without resistance or conflict. But long is the road. Thankfully the centaurs are on our side; Chiron and his female mate Chariklo are both in harmonious aspect to the NM stellium. This speaks to us of great openings for healing which might not be easy to experience but certainly smoothed by the gentle climate of this lunation.

During this NM we are called to move into a deeper understanding of the great and widening divides between people of different views, race and other orientations, put our awareness into seeing beyond mere appearance, healing relationships and mending the incomplete. Venus in Sagittarius points us to the intimate connection of Beauty and Truth, not only in terms of the beauty one experiences in the discovery of truth, but also the truth we discover through the perception of beauty. To perceive the hidden beauty inherent in another being is one step in its self-fulfilment. You bring it out with your awareness.

We conclude with some usual suspects, this time acting in unusually friendly ways. In a world saturated with post-eclipse fears of various brands of instability and economic collapse we must re-consider the meaning of the long-standing square aspect formed by Uranus and Saturn in a new light. After a Scorpio bath we are allowed and perhaps required to do so. Uranus does not enjoy Taurus. The bull is too heavy and Uranus is a planet that needs speed. So we feel the different tempos of planet and sign resulting in a yearning for stable structures and the present impossibility of actually building them. Put Uranus' conjunction to the north Node in the mix and you have a recipe for this instability to be projected into the future, thus creating great anxieties, even panic, and therefore some serious disturbances in the collective energy-field... the 'sum of all worries' if you wish.

In a tie with Uranus is Saturn. He is not uncomfortable at all in Aquarius. In fact he not only calls the shots as the ruler of the sign, but is also in an unexpected agreement with Uranus, at least about the need to change things around. In Aquarius Saturn finds his rebellious streak without ever losing his integrity and clear internal compass.

So at last we can start seeing a light in the tunnel of this powerful square between these two uncompromising gods. The stability we seek is not likely to manifest in a physical reality any time soon. Uranus cannot be tamed. But Mars is in a trine with Saturn and has no interest in Uranus at this time. This means that the single-minded power of the god of war is fully backing Saturn's agenda. Saturn on the other hand cannot ignore the conflict of speed between Uranus and Taurus. He therefore has to balance two impatient characters and offer a way to stability without compromising his own aims.

He therefore offers an inner stability to be found in personal integrity and in our loyalty to a group of choice which nourishes that integrity.


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