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New Moon in Taurus, 11th May 2021, 20:59 CET, Malta.

Windows to Another World

This New Moon is at once sweet and deep. It is like an oasis in the desert where we can truly replenish our strength through pure and simple enjoyment. Soon we will have to buckle up and lift our sacks for the journey through a number of eclipses. This New Moon allows us to do so with a new sense of purpose and vigour.

The conjunction of Black Moon Lilith with the Sun and the Moon and the sextile aspect they enjoy with Neptune in Pisces can quickly give us a good idea of how deep this lunation is. But precisely because Lilith is so present and focused by this conjunction, this depth is not as foggy and foreboding as one might fear. There is a deep, karmic, and archetypal remembering that is put in motion here. This kind of remembering might be humid and feverish, but as soon as the fountains become active there is a joy that wells up that cannot be put in words. Perhaps the word that would come closest would be “Intimacy”, in the wide sense of being-one with oneself and the Whole. It is as if one has 'forgiven' life for pulling him/her out of the joyful safety of the maternal womb. One is truly alive, has truly experienced “being born”, at last!

Taurus, where this New Moon is happening, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and creativity. The karmic and deep mood is balanced by the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life, and also by allowing ourselves to receive a gift or two. The New Moon's sextile aspect the Vertex in Cancer, not only points us back to the water element (Neptune, Pisces), but also to the karmic roots of desire and attraction. Our sensitivity to the invisible will increase, and this might lead to surprising discoveries and connections.

Saturn (soon turning retro) is in a Trine aspect with Mercury / North Node. This echoes Saturn's Trine with the N.Node during the last Full Moon. Chiron is also still placed in the middle of this trine, forming sextiles with Saturn on one side and Merc/N.Node on the other. This is a very auspicious combination, especially in the context of this particular New Moon. To me it feels like the Black Moon Lilith is one of the most important considerations for this lunation. It involves a very deep, dark hurt, deep enough to make it possible for us to think of it in terms of 'The Original Trauma'; the trauma involved in being born. We spend our whole lives looking for ways to “go back” to the maternal womb, and true living is only possible to the extent that we accept that there is no way for us to do so. In fact, this acceptance is the act of taking full responsibility for the quality of our lives. With this acceptance our true power is activated. We are truly born.

This is the opportunity that this New Moon offers; to make a move towards forming a new reality for ourselves. Dreams are windows to another world. They tell us of our deepest needs, and also give us access to what the mind cannot fathom. Uranus' sextile with Mars, as well as Saturn's trine with Mercury and the N.Node are strong aides for us to embark on this new adventure.


During the two weeks of this New Moon, as we progress towards the total eclipse on the 26th May, it is good that we relax, make space for that which is repressed in us to make its way up. The self is in for a bit of a shock, as is the case when the Sun and the Black Moon meet in a conjunction. But it is also a shock that is full of promise and opportunity for taking a new route, imagining a new life, and making it happen without guilt or shame.


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