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New Moon in Taurus, 19th May 2023

We have just been through an eclipse season. The last eclipse accompanied a full Moon in Scorpio. The current new Moon echoes Scorpio themes, especially with regards to the conspicuous T-Square formed by Scorpio's traditional and modern rulers, Mars and Pluto (R), and headed by the grouping involving Jupiter, North Node, and Mercury – himself freshly stationing from a retrograde season.

One can immediately notice that houses 4, 8 and 12, which are the houses of the Water element, are all occupied by Water Signs (light blue circles).

A Clear Stream

Consider that all the activity is happening in the western hemisphere of the chart, which attests to the overarching influence of the Water element during this time. Scorpio, the point at which we experience the terrible mystery at the heart of all life, is furnishing the 12th house, which carries the characteristics of Pisces. The 12th house in certain systems that we like to use on this site is also considered the gate to our nagual side. For this time we can call it the Water-Gate. The theme of death and rebirth is thus brought to bear on an act of total abandon in which selflessness is realized in our lives.

Look at what is hidden underneath the bright red T-Square! If you look closely at the thick blue lines you will see a quite symmetrical shape. The opposition Mars / Pluto is also forming two harmonious aspects per planet:

Mars sextile New Moon

Pluto trine New Moon

Pluto sextile Neptune

Mars trine Neptune

These two sets are reflecting each other as in a mirror, and bring a flow to balance the tense potential of the T-Square. One set enables the movement of Mars and Pluto through the new Moon, and the other set enables them through Neptune (in Pisces, his rulership). If activated, however, both sets will work as one team, because the new Moon and Neptune are forming a sextile between themselves! The world of material wealth intersects with the spirit world under the lucky auspices of Jupiter.

Sabian symbol for Jupiter's position, 0-1 degrees Taurus:

A clear mountain stream flows steadily downstream


the Challenge through the Blue Lines

The new Moon is happening in Taurus. This indicates that the receptivity to the amazing energies available during this lunation is experienced through the physical body, romantic love, creativity, music, and also why not some earthly pleasures that money can buy. In other words it's time to let your proverbial hair down and live a little. This positive attitude towards material enjoyment has nothing to do with ill-fated 'materialism', but allows us to affirm matter without condemning it to itself. In essence what this means is that in enjoying the perks of being alive we must also come into direct contact with the fact of our mortality.

This contact brings about a sense of urgency, one that pushes us to build resilient structures around the space of spirit, and intend a world in which matter becomes aware of its spiritual foundations, receptive to the emptiness which allows it to be. As age-old structures collapse around us, and a previously possible comfort vanishes as if into thin air, it is time for us to fully inhabit the landscape of our emotions, bring ourselves to a deeper understanding of its language, and fall into the selfless freedom of the peaceful warrior.

The harmonious aspects to Neptune in Pisces also indicate an access to Dreaming. We save energy by reducing the inner dialogue and being pro-active, by putting attention on our present emotional state. This accumulation of energy brings us closer to some level of control of our energy body, making dreams not only more vivid, but also more shamanic. So let's follow our dreams. Let go and let the stream....


The T-Square represents a challenge. The clarity of the stream of consciousness promised by Jupiter's position needs to be arrived at, earned even. But the Water element is flowing, and has great momentum. We do well to understand that the conflict (Mars) and loss (Pluto) we see around us and experience ourselves are a gate of regeneration, opening new modes of communicating and relating, as well as new paths to completeness, love, and happiness.


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