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Numerology report of the 30th June 2022 (NM) Amplifying positive vibrations !

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

After my last articles on the portals, I noticed that the day after the New Moon has a lot

to offer.

First of all, the numbers are still aligned on the axis 3/6/9:

30.06. 2022
3+6 6
9 6 = 15 = 6

Number 3 represents any matter of communication, creativity and self expression (3 = house of the Gemini). Number 6 represents harmony, love and affection. It focuses on human relations and services (house 6 = house of Virgo)

Number 9 represents universality, travels, knowledge, a global vision of the world and not the egoistic one. (house 9 = house of Sagittarius).

Looking closely at the patterns 3 and 6, you notice that, 3 and 6 equals 9, 6 and 3, equals 9, all numbers combined equals 9, both ways of excluding and including 3 and 6! So 9 means the union of both parties, 9 is The Universe itself!

N. Tesla

Let’s have a close look at the realizations (addition):

month day year
June 30 2022
6 3 6
9 9

Every portal invites us to strengthen the link of communication with the Spirit (Nagual), to see what was invisible, to be in harmony with oneself and to be open to the Forces leading our destiny.

Key words:

Number 3: seeing the signs, coincidences and synchronicity...

Number 6: keeping an open heart!

Number 9: on the road to the silent knowledge.

Do not forget the challenge (subtraction):

month day year
June 30 2022
6 3 6
3 3

By going down, not only we follow another track but we validate the New Moon movement.

AS the NM occurs in a water sign (Cancer, ruled by the moon) this numerology report has to find its part of consistency with astrology.

Here it is!

The Empress:

The Empress has been connected with the ideas of universal fecundity and in a general sense with activity. She is holding her scepter, an element of power, one end of the scepter rests on her genitals. Under her hand, a small green leaf is growing: it can represent the nurturing power of nature and eternal spring. The small yellow ribbon at the end of the scepter alluded to her creative ability made with great wisdom. Her legs widened and she was quite comfortable with herself. She could be seen as being in a birthing position as if after a period of pregnancy, she gave birth to herself.

Beside her, on the right side of the card, a baptismal well could be seen. She was ready to baptize others or to be baptized, to celebrate regularly and continuously in life as a new continuous proliferation.

Her green eyes are the eyes of eternal Nature in relation to natural forces.

Keywords of the Empress:

Fertility – Creativity – Seduction – Lust – Power – Feeling – Enthusiasm – Nature –

Elegance – Abundance – Harvest – Beauty – Hatching – Adolescence.


So...fellow warrior, why not writing them on a paper and picking up one or two words and make your day. It is a good exercise of letting go the rational mind and be guided by the Source.

Have fun!


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