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Numerology report: The Gate of Summer! 15th June to 24th June 2022

Following my previous article on the portal (6-9th June), ref:


There is another very important gate, including the summer solstice. Let’s have a look at the next step:

15.06.2022 *********************24.06.2022
6 6 6 6 6 6

Inside this portal we can see a double 6:

18.06.2022 ...... 18+6=24=6
2022= 6

And the best is yet to come.

The 15th June is one day after the Full moon.

The summer solstice on the 21st June 2022 (2+1+6+2+0+2+2=15 = 6)

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and the shortest night. In the Northern Hemisphere it takes place between June 20 and 22, depending on the year. (The reverse is true in the Southern Hemisphere, where the longest day of the year occurs between December 20 and 22.) Humans may have observed the summer solstice as early as the Stone Age. Cultures around the world still celebrate the day with feasts, bonfires, picnics and songs.

Longest Day of the Year

The Northern Hemisphere receives more daylight than any other day of the year on the summer solstice. This day marks the start of astronomical summer and the tipping point at which days start to become shorter and nights longer. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words “sol” (sun) and “stitium” (still or stopped). The ancients noticed that as summer progressed, the sun stopped moving northward in the sky, then begin tracking southward again as summer turned to autumn. (During the winter solstice, the sun does the opposite, and begins moving northward as winter slowly turns to spring.)


After all these times of darkness with fan outrageous outbreak, fake vaccines, manipulation, lies, the plan to eliminate a big part of human beings has fallen down. The psychopaths from Davos, dreaming of a new world order will continue to live in their fears and their inflated ego. The vibrations of the Earth are increasing in intensity. It is time to live in a real world, and not in a narrative...a kind of constipated fiction in which the actors are the slaves of the producers.

To close the article I would like to say:

May the light illuminate us.


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