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Spring Equinox: from the tunnel to the light!

On the pagan Wheel of the Year, Ostara marks the first day of Spring. While we observe the Spring Equinox on March 20, Ostara is often celebrated from March 20 to 23. It announces the arrival of the season of light. This festival is a true ode to Mother Earth and the power of nature. The days are softer, longer and more lively. The flowers will gradually begin to bloom thanks to the return of the Sun. The season of love is revived in animals. In short, it is a good life and a celebration. More than the celebration of esoteric spring, Ostara is an ideal moment to spur a renewal. The desire to create, start new projects or install an innovative impulse in one's daily life is at its peak. A magical event that opens many possibilities.

With equal parts of light and dark, this day is a perfect place of balance within the year. It represents the duality of nature: masculine and feminine, good and evil, above and below, Yin and Yang.

The most interesting for us is to see and to understand the change of energy, symbolized by the change of season.

I’ve consciously chosen to develop the astrological chart of this Equinox and to divide the moment in 2 different timings = 1st part at 11h33 and 2nd part at 23h33. This will help us to notice the subtle interaction between Mars and Venus, like Yin and Yang, the opposite and complimentary planets.

Let’s check the plan @ 11h33

Mars and Venus are in conjunction in Aquarius. The Sun is about to enter the Martian sign of Aries. In the meantime the Moon is about to leave the Venusian sign of Libra.

Let’s check the plan @ 23h33

We notice the rise of the Martian energy with the Sun entering Aries and the Moon transiting the Martian sign of Scorpio. Mars and Venus are in conjunction in Aquarius.

The Equinox is the time when Yin and Yang, days and nights, the opposite and complimentary are mixing. The invitation into equilibrium is about finding more unity, especially within, between light and dark, masculine and feminine.

There’s no need for a long speech but a fruitful message from the Nagual:

We also have to take in consideration that the moon will be void of course from 20th March around 12h40 (France) - 20th March (15h45). This phenomenon occurs when the moon is changing from one sign to the next. Ideal moment to let go, to practice meditation, the gait of power, the not doings...

Keep the Centre!

Shamanically speaking the Equinox is linked to the navel chakra (Svadhisthana), the Orange colour and the feminine energy. It helps to boost creativity. It’s a perfect time to see where is our art of life, to put away the boundaries given by the system to re-discover our true nature.

The navel chakra represents the fluids linked to the water element, reproduction, the kidneys-bladder, the sound VAM...and the moon.

Without forgetting to wish a Happy Birthday to the Super girl Ballerina, Nina from Malta, born on the 20th March!

May the inspiration illuminate this day...


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