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The Action of Liberation; Full Moon in Taurus, October 31st, 2020

15.49 CET, Malta.

The mood of this Full Moon in Taurus is very much in line with the Celtic feast that it happens on; Samhain is a time when the dark needs to be faced and accepted. This passage that takes us to the Winter Solstice in December is necessary to move beyond the darkness into the light.

So, astrologically speaking, what are the energies that are made available to us, that will help us make the best out of our actual situation, and move beyond it?

The Moon in Taurus is very much the area of emotional attachment to security, our everyday pleasures, possessions and money. Taurus however also allows the Moon to express itself very comfortably.

On the other side there is the Sun in Scorpio. This deep and mysterious sign cannot avoid to be a bit messy. It is the area of very deep transformation, and the deep human fear of death. Every transformation, after all, is also a dying.

The Sun is well placed, however, it offers us the opportunity for a focused exploration of our inner depths. This will allow us, if we are willing, to take a good look at our attachment to the false security of material things, explore the holes in the tapestry of our life-situation, and come up with solutions to clear the mess. The perfect alignment of Uranus with this Full Moon boosts this potential, and while making this challenge look a little more scary (because Uranus is radical), it also promises great focus and surprise. The conjunction aspect is concerned with new beginnings; so very much in the same mood as Samhain, the beginning of the Celtic year.

The other big conjunction is Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. This is a big one (also rare) and has been around for most of 2020. If you simply look around you will see the 'system' being very deeply challenged as Saturn resists what Pluto demands.

We have no control over this; it's beyond our pay-grade, as the saying goes. What we can do is to find out for ourselves in what way we are part of the resistances, or part of the change. We are the world and the world is us, after all, and if we move as individuals the collective moves as well.

Of course, easier said than done. But nobody said it was going to be easy. This passage is one in which the focus is on discovering uncomfortable truths about ourselves and our world. This is what is meant by the 'dark'.

- What do we hide from ourselves because it is “too much to bear”?

- What shadows lurk in our underworld?

Once we can see, we can let go of the deep-seated illusions we have accumulated, and open ourselves to the fresh and the new.

Mercury retrograde in Libra allows a movement of inward turning. It is a good time to practise meditation or any other practice that allows one to create a space between 'who I am' and 'what I have accumulated'. It is a matter of finding out what in us is memory, and what in us is presence. This allows us to step by step grow out of living automatically. In this space real action becomes possible; one that is spontaneous, aligned with the vibration that the present moment presents us with, not with those fears that fester in some deep dungeon of our unconscious.

Jupiter is a bit lost in its current placement in Capricorn, so it is likely that the issue of security vs. change that animates the FM will be compounded by frustrated ambitions or hopes in the area of “securing our lot”. This looks (and feels) bad, but is a great teacher. The placement of Jupiter also indicates that even though we feel the urge to grow and expand our horizons, we might, for the time being, find some difficulty with visualizing and materializing the practical form this expansion would take. If this turns out to be the case, a present “waiting” is a good idea.

This is also a very expressive Full Moon. It might be necessary to wait a little before things start going well in the area of expansion and growth; but we do not have to wait at all to express our emotions in creative ways.

Here we have the balm of Venus in Libra and the kick of Mars in Aries. Both are in their rulerships, and Venus in particular is offering a balance to the deep, heavy and inward-moving mood of this FM. Venus and Mars, especially as the latter moves away from the heavy square with Saturn and Pluto, invite us to express our emotions freely and creatively. Creative expression is an alchemical process when done consciously. It alights our heaviness and enlightens our way in the dark.

Handling Mars might require an extra dose of physicality in our expression. It is in retrograde motion and this warns us of a piling up of nervous energy that we do well to let out in creative and constructive ways.

So, all in all there is a serious challenge to dive deep within ourselves, and do so seriously and with focus. But this does not mean we stop enjoying our lives. Actually this is a process that is difficult – no two ways about it – but that can also be enjoyed. There is a warm inner pleasure that can be experienced in the process of letting go. After all, in the end, it is the action of liberation.


Numbers 31.10.2020

3+1+1+0+2+0+2+0 = 9


The number 9 in this particular tarot card deck shows an old man, standing on a mountain peak, carrying a staff in one hand and a lit lantern.

The lantern can be interpreted to be the light of truth, used to guide the unknowing, the stick he holds in helps him navigate narrow paths to seek enlightenment and his cloak is a form of discretion. He stands tall on the mountain having a full observatory view of his ways. One can understand that this can suggest aspects of healing and/or recovery, particularly the kind that happens over time. Very consistent with this time.

Keywords for this card:

- Prudence, circumspection; also and especially treason, dissimulation, roguery, corruption.

- Reversed: Concealment, disguise, policy fear, unreasoned caution.

In the Osho Zen Tarot Cards we have Laziness in the "9 of Water" (Scorpio)

Here in this image we have a man who thought he had finished from everything. He sat in his chair, wearing his sunglasses, covered by his umbrella, with a cocktail in his hand. He apparently did not have the energy to wake up and do anything because he thought he had done it all. He does not realize that if he took a look around him he'd see that the mirror is cracking on his right (Tonal side) – a sure sign that the place where he thought he had arrived was finally about to crumble.

When we are lazy: we simply feel that we have no energy, we simply feel dull; we feel sleepy, we feel dead. When we are in a state of non-doing then we are at full energy, overflowing. We are radiant, bubbling, vibrating, We are not sleepy, we are perfectly aware. We are not dead – we are ALIVE … There is a possibility the mind can deceive us: it can rationalize laziness as non-doing. It can say, “I have become a Zen master,” or, “I believe in Tao” – but we are not deceiving anybody else. We will be deceiving only ourselves.

So let's be alert during this time to uncover the patterns of our energy drainages. We can then learn to seal the leaks.


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