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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Following my researches on the evolution of this special 2021 year, I had a deep look at

the coming full and new moons and suddenly realized that a karmic portal or a succession

of passages was showing the bottom of its nose.

If we faced 6 eclipses in 2020, we are now facing 4 eclipses this year, starting from the 26 May. The particularity of this phenomenon is that the first 2 eclipses will take place in the axis of the nodes (Gemini/Sagittarius), showing that « some karmas » need to be cleansed for the well being of humanity.

So let’s have a look at the succession of karmic numbers:

* NM 12.04 = 12+4= 16 = 7 12042021 = 12 = 3

* FM 27.04 = 31 (reverse 13) =4 27042021 = 18 = 9

* NM11.05 = 11+5 = 16 = 7 11052021 = 12 = 3

* FM 26.05 = 31 (reverse 13) = 4 26052021 = 18 = 9 lunar eclipse (1)

* NM 10.06 = 10+6 = 16 = 7 10062021 = 12 = 3 solar eclipse (2)

The most interesting in this process is to see that the 1st eclipse leads to number 18= the

past lives (in the Osho Zen tarot). The 2nd eclipse leads to number 12 (the new insight in

the Osho Zen tarot).

The 3 new moons (NM) lead to number 16, meaning the need to choose another level of

awareness than the one shown by the system. One can call this destroying the old fake

patterns of our systems/governments.

The 3rd eclipse (lunar) will take place in the very mysterious and magnetic Scorpio on the


*19+11 = 30 = 3 19112021 = 17 = 8 (number of the karma).

The 4th (lunar) eclipse will take place in the axis Sagittarius /Gemini on the


*04+12 = 16 = 7! Same pattern as the previous NM cycle.

And the serie continues, FM 24.06 (=30) ; FM 24.07 (=31/13) ; NM 08.08 (=16) ; FM

22.08 (=30) ; NM 07.09 (=16) ; FM 21.09 =30) ; NM 06.10 (=16) ; NM 04.12

(=16 );FM19.12 (=31/13)

So, if there is no reasonable interpretation of these new and full moons, everyone must be

aware of these portals. The so called Flyers industry wants to domesticate us like animals,

but they won’t succeed. The vaccination campaign allows them to brand human beings

like cows, instead of milking the cows they steal the awareness and the life force of the


For a better understanding of this process, please find some time to read this extract from

Encounters With The Nagual - (Armando Torres):

He continued by saying that as we become socialized, human beings are tamed, just like

an animal is domesticated, by the power of stimuli and punishments. "We have been trained to live and die meekly, following unnatural codes of behaviour which soften us and make us lose that initial impulse, until our spirit is hardly noticeable. We are born as a result of a fight. By denying our basic tendencies, the society we live in eradicates the warring heritage that transforms us into magical beings. "He added that the only available way to change is to accept ourselves just as we are, and work from there. "The warrior knows that he lives in a predatorial universe. He can never let his guard down. Wherever he looks, he sees an incessant fight, and he knows that it deserves his respect, because it is a fight to the death. Don Juan was always

moving, coming or going, supporting this or rejecting that, provoking tensions or discharging them in a burst, shouting his intent or remaining silent; doing something. He was alive, and his life reflected the ebb and flow of the universe.»

The magical force of the Intent must lead us to our personal power, which is very different

from getting power from the system.

Just remember the film Matrix: «the blue pill or the red pill»?

Now it’s up to you: «the vaccine or no vaccine»!

May the Force accompany your choice...


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