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Hey fellow warriors, followers of essencediaries, thanks for your support and will to open a new era of awareness.

Following the signs as usual, I met in January 2 mates I haven’t seen for ages, 3 decades for the 1st one and one decade for the second one. In this very confusing time we live, the conversation turned with the 2 mates on the vaccination campaign, the dictatorship of our fake democracies that we call governments. But, the most interesting thing in our exchanges of ideas was the word “Satanists” describing the very few (insane) people ruling the world (finances).

As I was planning to write an article on that topic, I found the synchronicity very adequate.

Gathering the teachings of Castaneda, Torres and Steiner, all the tracks lead me to an absolute conspiracy headed by the dark side of the Force… (for the Star Wars aficionados).

To introduce the concept of “Satanism” from a shamanic point of view, I had to mingle the tonal (social world) and the nagual (silent knowledge) to make the concept both real and abstract. Knowing that the people at the top of the scale are pretty much invisible to your eyes, I had to make them visible. That strengthens the awareness of the real situation, and not the one described every day by the medias…

Hail Satan, the beginning of the diversion!

Many of you have heard about the fanatic followers of the so-called devil, worshipping the power of the dark, with rituals, magic, black masses… this cult has reached a point with Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) the beast, claiming himself a reincarnation of several spiritual entities, without forgetting Anton Lavey (1930-1997), founder of the church of Satan and the Satanic Bible. These 2 guys, real reps (or promoters) of the dark were in fact Jacks of all trades, servants of their self-importance and servants of the real Satanists (hidden from public life).

According to my researches on reliable websites, there are 13 families at the top, the dark world, ruling the economy like a pyramidal system. As they are at the top, they consider themselves untouchable. Their names are engraved on our history, tricking the dynasties and bloodlines, as they reproduce between each other to keep their wealth and bloodline power. They also consider themselves superior beings, so able to enslave the other human beings. Here they are:

*the Rothschild (Bauer ou Bower) (bankers)

*the Bruce (Robert Ist, David II)

*the Cavendish

*the De Medici (bankers)

*the Hannover (dynasty...Georges Ist)

*the Habsbourg (dynasty roman German empire)

*the Krupp (industry, iron,weapons)

*the Plantagenet (Anjou/ ruled England from 1154-1485)

*the Rockefeller (industry, petrol, standard oil)

*the Romanov (dynasty, ruled Russia from 1613-1917)

*the Sinclair/St. Clair (art merchants USA)

*the Warburg (Germany)

*the Windsor/Mountbatten (royal family of England)

Other lineages are linked to the 13, but they are just under: a few heirs of the Merovingians, the Astor, the Dupont, and the Onassis. We also find the Bush and Clinton families.

Other secret societies like the illuminati, the masons, the Bilderberg group are also under the command of the council of the 13. There’s no court or institution in the world that can engage a trail with them, they are above everything…

They have their employees and their loyal priestesses like Madonna, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

This is a dark organization.

Power and bloodline!

If the word “Satanist” should be used for people with a twisted mind, with an attraction for sexual deviances, rituals and an eagerness for power on the others, then we have a match!

The 13 families and associates maintain their bloodlines at the top of the pyramid. Their several marriages between members of the same bloodline have brought them different behaviours, which are not really human. Not only do they keep their power in motion, but they also keep their congenital mental diseases in motion as well.

As I was searching for examples to give you, I had the luck to find this extract from a French magazine (Paris Match) dated 1953 showing the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Philipp, Duke of Edinburgh.

It is clearly mentioned that Elizabeth and Philip are the great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, so are cousins, they are also cousins from another branch, the one of Christian IX, King of Denmark.

You can also check on wikipedia the lineage of the Rothschild and see how the 5 branches mixed between themselves throughout centuries.

The last verification about this subtle mix of lineage was that so called “prince William” is married to a very aristocratic heir of the Goldsmith, family in the lineage of the Rothschild.

So, to understand how they work is quite important. Dan Brown in his novels has described the Illuminati influence and the importance of a bloodline. In Inferno a bad scientist wanted to put en end to humanity by poisoning water. Fiction or reality?

The pyramidal structure is everywhere in large cities, starting from buildings to edifices, from management to human resources.

Karma and bloodline!

As you might see, not only do they accumulate wealth, but they also accumulate the same karmas, hugely distributed within the big circle their dynasties. Being in tune with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, I ended up with one of his concepts…that humanity will develop a materialistic current inspired by late comers’ spirits from ancient Egypt.

This means that all these bloodlines are carrying bad souls from Egypt. I will go for it as they’ve built the system in a pyramidal structure, top, and different level like the masons' degrees.

From another side, shall we understand that the Egyptian bad souls have found a recptacle, and a way to be back permanently?

I presume that all the masonry has been inspired by the pyramidal hierarchy, the Egyptian magic like the eye of Horus. The pyramid is the symbol printed on the one dollar note. What a coincidence...

So, if humanity is cleansing his own karma, so are the 13 bastards and their troops.

Rudolf Steiner also wrote that everybody had to cleanse a karma from Middle Ages. I am hoping that the Satanist bloodlines will end very soon.

For the ones who are keen on astrology, the year 2020, with 6 eclipses, should be lasting a cycle of 10 years (2010-2020).

2021, cut-copy of 2012, should be announcing the end of a karmic cycle of 9 years.

Make it simple!

Carlos Castaneda and Armando Torres have described the Flyers as dark shadows feeding on human negative emotions such as fears, angers, resentments, sadness… The so-called Flyers are made to domesticate human beings, treating them like cows.

In the film Lord of the Rings, you can see what one call the quest for power.

In Star Wars there’s the battle between the Sith, reps of the dark side, and the Jedis, the light, the Empire against the Resistance.

Now, we can also realize that reality has reached fiction, and we are now in a battle for freedom. This mediatic virus was an attack and has proved that no political system is reliable, all corrupted by the power of the devil (sex and money). In France TV journals announce that “you have free transport to vaccination centres if you’re over 75”.

But the Resistance has shown its will: not to fall in the (mouse) trap.

Are the labs ruling the medical institutions? First time in the history of medicine that money-makers give instructions to scientists or physicians. Are we talking about lies and corruption?

Yes of course. No trust in national TV, belonging to the system, with charming journalists announcing deaths as if they were counting points in a baseball game.

May the Force inspire our decisions! (and not the medias)


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