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The conjunction Jupiter-Uranus: Make your Own Honey.

The conjunction Jupiter Uranus in Taurus will be exact on April 21st 2024:

Jupiter, represented as the king of the gods in Roman myth, is the planetary ruler ofPisces & Sagittarius.

Knowledge is one of the strongest sides of the planet, including self-realization and self-improvement.

Key words: luck, growth, expansion, optimism, abundance and understanding. It is called the great benefactor of the zodiac.

Uranus, in Greek mythology, represents the personification of heaven. He is the ruler of the sign Aquarius.

Key words: novelty, originality, inventiveness and independence.

He is called the revolutionary of the zodiac.

Taurus symbolizes stability, solidity, possessiveness, perseverance.

This conjunction, which occurs every 14 years in a different sign, often brings human beings together in groups, teams or parties.

In the sign of Taurus, it occurs every 83 years (which corresponds to the revolution

of Uranus around the Sun).

Exact on April 21st, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is in harmonic aspect with the

Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces.

Mercury, the home assistant:

To decipher this subtle conjunction, we have a precious helper : Mercury in Retrograde motion (cunj North Node & Venus) in the sign of Mars.

So, it should be important to use active communication for a better understand of the meeting between the presidential Jupiter and the revolutionary Uranus, between realization and reforms, between old laws and innovative solutions.

I do have a trick for you, guys: the BEEKEEPER!

Have fun and keep your eyes open!


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