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The DOUBLE and the other YOU

In order to introduce the concept of The Dreaming Body (the double), here are a few lines from Armando Torres' book 'Encounters with the Nagual'.

"Dreaming is the deliberate use of the energy body. Energy is like plastic, and if you apply a constant pressure to it, it will eventually adopt the form you want. The double is the Nagual, the 'other', the stamp of nagualism. When you control it, you are on the road to become whatever you want, from a free being to a beast. Our dreaming body has many uses. It can move in no time to whatever place you want and discover things. It can even be materialized, creating a visual double, something that other people can see, whether they are sleeping or awake. However, it continues being a mere appearance, it does not have any bodily functions. A human being sees it as person, but an animal would see it differently…

Here are some movie titles that give us a good example of this:

Fight Club

But without a consistent work on ourselves, the double can be materialized in a different way. The best example would be a reference to a film called "Fight Club". The double has been materialized and exists in a different reality. The double is in this case an extension of the pain-body and could be called “the pain-body double”. All the neurotic behaviours regarding the ego (violence) have been repressed and used to create a new reality based on violence.


Another example of the double materialized in another dimension. In Avatar, we enter another level of perception. Love, friendship, bravery… and other warrior behaviours help the hero to build a consistent double. In this case the double is creative, while in the first case (Fight club) it is destructive.

Dressed to kill

In the ordinary world, the ordinary man is not aware of his counterpart. The double is jailed in his pain-body. Many cases in psychiatry refer to people with double personalities. In that case the double is also the extension of the pain-body and the person has to live 2 (or several) lives in the ordinary world.

The jailed double is most probably fed with the negative emotions of the past. Memory keeps it in motion. The last example to illustrate this inner fight which is not perceptible is Dressed to kill, a film where the shrink has literally embraced his pain-body double.

As a conclusion, I would like to remind you fellow warriors…

Taïsha Abelar's words:

“When our physical body becomes totally conscious of its energetic etheric counterpart, we have taken the step in the abstract, a completely different world of consciousness."

Being aware of the double is a huge work.


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