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The full moon starting on the 22nd August 2021 is full of surprises… not only it occurs at the end of the axis Leo/Aquarius, but it opens the gate of the axis Virgo/Pisces...bouncing from a full moon to another and from a fixed cross to a mutable cross in a very short time. What is interesting to notice, is that we can call this FM a double FM. Like a coin with 2 different faces, this special moon has 2 different crosses. The aspects with the main planets won’t change that much BUT as we shift from crosses, the second part of the FM will put in motion the mutable cross = Virgo-Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius. So putting in motion the axis of the nodes…

Something extraordinary - this FM is the 3rd moon of the cycle Leo/Aquarius, ringing the bell of the end of a fixed time!

Let’s have a close look at the charts!

Sun in Leo and Mon in Aquarius are located in the last degree of the signs (29-30),ending a trip of 3 passages. The Ascendant Scorpio (for that part of France) confirms the difficult passage within the fixed cross = Leo/Aquarius-Taurus/Scorpio.

One can also notice the 6 planets in retrograde motion: Chiron, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus… showing us that the so called karma cleansing is still very active.

The FM occurs in the houses 4 (moon) et 10 (sun). If we use the reverse clockwise system. If we use the clockwise system in the houses 10 (moon) et 4 (sun), showing the importance of erasing the old memories from the past and getting rid of the old corrupted fake governments leading the world. It’s not new and it has been on the table for so many months.

But, from this double face FM, the opportunity to shift power is at the menu!

On the 23rd August, the sun enters Virgo and by chance the moon is located in Pisces. It’s the second opposition in 2 days, with 2 different aspects, signs and crosses. If we use the clockwise system in the houses, the moon appears in house 5 (uuuppps house of Leo) and the sun appears in house 11 (uuuppps house of Aquarius).

At that moment the FM enters a mutable cross (Virgo-Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius) and put in motion the q axis of the Nodes. South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini. The Ascendant Cancer (rule of house 4) confirms not only the karma cleansing, but also the possibility to re-find ressources in our collective unconscious. Another detail should point out the triangle of earth (planets in the 3 earth signs), showing that all our efforts will be crowned with success.

The revolutionary Uranus turning Retro just 2 days before this very important passage wants to show us that it’s time to…

Emancipate ourselves from the capitalism of surveillance!

For more than one year in a half, we have been manipulated by the Flyers (cult, illuminati, satanists, massons) with the help of the medias. Sailing in a sea polluted by fake news and lies - it was not obvious to find the right path. The Flyers used this fixed cross perfectly, to make people accepting the vaccine, creating new rules to block the access of pleasure and social life. The pact with this Inorganic Consciousness was to accept the pact and sign on our skin to the acquiescence of the system. A simple injection that can make thing more usual than usual: the return of normal life. The scenario was well written by all these armies of social engineering, well hidden in their londoner or parisian offices. But a few countries like wild dogs are showing their teeth, challenging a lie that has been spread as a message of Jesus Christ: the vaccine = the Saviour, is the only solution. The impact on the collective unconscious was miraculously devastating.

Now it's time to understand and I do not want to spend too much time on these gene therapies, I mean the fake vaccines curing a fake outbreak.

Now it’s time to wake up and break the chains of our conditioning!

This double face full moon is like crossing a bridge to be in the safest place. Maybe it will be the time to celebrate the Return of the Jedi. Within this title I mean the shift of power: entering the mutable signs, activating the Nodes and building the force of the earth signs (triangle of earth).

The most important for the Mercurian cross is to reverse the flow of the words. In the

pyramidal system built by the Flyers, the words go from the top to the bottom = the orders go down from the most important to less important who are obeying the rules.

Now the flow of words must re-find its natural movement = from the bottom (the people) to the top (the leaders). Nowadays there are no exchanges in communication, only laws and orders, the power of the tongue must re-settle its natural flow. In History the Thing was probably the best symbol of the old pagan wisdom (Celts, Germans, Viking…).


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