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astrological events for December

From Samhain (31st Oct-1st November) to Yule (winter solstice) there’s an amazing portal with a succession of full and new moons, eclipses and planets changing sign.

The month of December 2020, last month of the year, covering Sagittarius and Capricorn, rulers of house 9 and house 10, announces a big change. Let’s find out why!

On the 2nd December,

Mercury the god of communication enters a time of exile in Sagittarius.

On the 14th December,

(day after the small Yule), during the new moon in Sagittarius, there will be a solar eclipse (@ 17h18 Paris time).

On the 16th December,

Venus the planet of love and creativity is entering the Jupiterian sign of Sagittarius. In the meantime, Chiron, the great healer, is going in direct motion.

On the 18th December,

Saturn, lord of karma and master of time and restrictions, is entering the very revolutionary sign of Aquarius.

.... It’s not finished!

On the 20th December,

(day before the Yule), Jupiter the great benefactor of the zodiac is also entering Aquarius. Saturn and Jupiter did their job in Capricorn, bringing the corruption of governments to surface, trying to instigate the appearance of new structures and new resolutions from this old corrupted system (plumb) only based on finance, materialism and productivity. A new world (gold) will rise from the Alchemy of a higher level of awareness mixed with the feeling of freedom.

During the Yule on the 21st December,

also called the Return of the Light as the days are growing longer from that day onwards…Mercury is entering Capricorn, the sign of Saturn and Mars.

We can push the observation of the planets a bit further and notice that on the 30th December, a promising full moon in the axis Capricorn (sun) Cancer (moon) will give a taste of starting the next year on new basics, using what has been seen and done during the 2020 year.

One can already feel a new beginning as the light will return revealing all the lies provided by the medias and the politicians totally dedicated to the Empire of finance.

I personally hope the egregore of positive awareness will be the best cure to that “abitofatoomuch” mediatic virus.

So may the Force be with you. The Jedis are back!


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