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Where is our money?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Where is our money?

This should be the title of a film or of a theatre piece, but it isn't. What was in the past a unit of circulation has become the main preoccupation of the “civilized” world.

Where is our money?

The answer is so simple. It is in the bank, as saving has become the habit of billions of people caring for their future.

Where is our money?

I told to myself, unfortunately it is in the bank. There was a time where we could exchange goods, services, merchandise with cash. Let's say with an exchange of real values, perceptible metal coins or paper notes were moving from hand to hand.

Where is our money?

It is written on your bank account, the exact number of your imperceptible amount of virtual money. And here is the subtle way how the bankers, financials …not only control our wealth but make real money with fake numbers.

I desperately need a loan!

Very simple. Set up an appointment with your banker. He/she is going to help you to fill papers, then He/she will put the amount you requested on your account. Meaning that the banker is only adding more 00000 or more numbers from his/her the computer and creating money that doesn’t exist. One can call it “virtual money” or “fake money”.

Then, you are going to work hard to honour your loan and pay the interest.

So, from nothing the banker (like an illusionist) makes money appear on your account. You make a real effort and create real money for the banking system.

Look at the dollar!

I really like this one dollar note as it shows the strategy of the “system”. The pyramid with an eye symbolizes the power from the top, the capitalism of surveillance. But I do not understand the sentence: “in God we trust” on a note= symbol of the materialistic world.

From another side the expression Novus Ordo Seclorum confirms the concept of a new world order, based on manipulation

and control of the masses by an oligarchy of liars.


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