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WHERE ON EARTH SHOULD YOU BE ? (Dynamic astrology)

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Following the track of essencediaries, I felt it important to share a few discoveries about astrology. The term “dynamic” refers to the fact that our birth chart is like a map in which you may find different roads to reach your destination.

Before attending shamanic teachings in 1998, I spent one year in the Southern hemisphere, exactly in a small island called 'la Réunion' (former French colony). It was literally an initiatory journey. At that time books from Paolo Coelho, Dan Milman and James Redfield were in my suitcase. When I came back home in July 98, I wanted to get involved in a personal development session organized by a therapist friend of mine, who provided teachings from the Toltec path, strongly inspired by Carlos Castaneda’s books. Don Marcelino, who was also a brilliant astrologer, told me:

in the Southern hemisphere, you reversed your zodiac…well i mean, you took the characteristic of the sign opposite your solar sign and the one opposite your ascendant.

As a Virgo, with an ascendant in Libra. I “became” Pisces - Aries. Very consistent, as at that time I not only discovered the immensity of the world, but also spirituality.

These premises of a dynamic astrology have stayed in my mind till now. After more than 20 years exploring the zodiac, I would like to give you some tips:

  • If you travel from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere or from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere, you embrace the opposition and take the characteristic of the opposite of your solar sign and ascendant.

  • If, for example, you leave a continent to live on an island, you are dealing with the water signs (and the planets you have in them).

  • If you’re going on holiday or to live near a place with a volcano, you are dealing with more plutonian energy…(position of Pluto in your chart)

  • if you “are leaving” or “living in” the South of Europe and heading North, then you are dealing with the Nadir, sign in house 4 in your birth chart.

  • if you “are leaving” or “living in” the North of Europe and heading South, then you are dealing with the midheaven, sign in house 10 in your birth chart.

  • If you are going far East, like Japan or Korea, you are dealing with your ascendant (house 1) or the house in Aries.

  • If your are living in far East and going to the West like England or Ireland, then you are dealing with the descendant (house 7).

I found these tips quite useful, sometimes it’s good to be aware of the moves of energy that brought you there.

So, where on Earth should you be?

Always nice to hear from you about the topic.

Bon voyage!


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