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1st May, Beltane, a strangely important date.

This important Celtic feast is now upon us, and its coming in between of two eclipses. As I was researching something else I felt an inner tremor that led me to this article and the connections within it. May you enjoy it and may it prepare us to better encounter the feast of light and fire.

On the 1st of May, 305 AD, Diocletian and Maximian, co-emperors of Rome, become the first

Roman emperors to ever resign voluntarily in the history of the Roman Empire. They would also

be the last, at least as emperors go, as from that point onwards we find the metamorphosis of the empire into the Roman Catholic Church; a metamorphosis crowned with Constantine the 2nd who converted to Christianity on the very year Diocletan died. Diocletian died at the age of 66 in the year 312AD (3+1+2 = 6, therefore 666).

The word “Catholic” in both Greek and late Latin roots means “Universal”, which is not only the

resounding echo of the first Individualist, the God of monotheism (mono = uni) – the one god that

created and rules the entire world – but also figures as an earlier version of modern Globalism.

This is more than an interesting connection, because the 1st of May is also the date in which Adam Weinshaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati in 1776. The 'Catholic' or Globalist agenda was at that moment put in motion in an unprecedented fashion. In our times we are at an advanced stage of this agenda, and also at the threshold of its success or failure.

Human Sacrifice in plain sight

The nature of this globalist agenda is luciferian and satanic, and thus it includes a strong leaning

toward the creation and deployment of suffering of innocent people and other living things. The

burning of the trade union building in Odessa in 2014, by an army deployed by the 'new' Ukranian

leadership in Kiev, in which anywhere between 30 to 200 people were burned to death, took placeon the 2nd May. German journalist Mark Batalamai, in his first-hand documentary “Ukranian Agony, the Concealed War”, declares that this action was a clear signal to the inhabitants that Odessa must remain Ukranian at all costs. We can feel that, while the truth of this statement is not to be challenged, it might have been more than that.

For the Celts of the British Isles Beltane was the most important day of the year. The wheel of

pagan feasts shows how this feast is at the opposite end of Samhain, the threshold to the dark half of the year. Beltane, conversely, was the day that announced the light half of the year, and was celebrated by ritual fire. The sacrifice of Odessa was a ritual made with fire and human sacrifice, an attempt of the luciferic cult at hijacking the power of the feast. We pay our respects to those who suffered this unthinkable death with a bleeding heart. Our commitment to them, to all others who have suffered under these psychopaths, and to the future of all life, is to do everything in our power to make sure that this agenda fails, leaving no trace.


We have all heard the expression “May Day”expressing distress in the air as well as at sea. It is said that this expression has nothing to do with the fact that May 1st is also called May Day. Perhaps from the perspective of materialist history this might coincide with the facts. But when Frederick Mockford in 1923 was challenged to come up with a word for an emergency situation he could have come up with anything. He however came up with “May Day.” The collective unconscious at work?

The Deep State has refined its manipulation of the human race through the use of unconscious

social engineering to the point of making it a sophisticated science. If one only touches the surface, for example, of the complex techniques used in the trauma-based mind-control program called Project Monarch in which children and foetuses are literally programmed through the inflicting of carefully and strategically modulated suffering, one cannot but wonder wherefrom these sects have distilled or downloaded such detailed protocols. Given this level of sophistication, it would not be at all difficult, for instance, to see a connection between the happenings of September 11th , known as 9/11 and the number for Emergency assistance in the USA, which is 911. “May Day” also happens to be an emergency call.

Creating Conflict

Exactly 110 years after Weinshaupt founded the Illuminati, on the 1st of May 1886, the largest

labour organizations in the US encouraged more that 300,000 workers to take to the streets and

protest all over the country so that their demand to reduce the labour-day to 8 hours would be

heeded by the establishment. This led to what is known as the Haymarket Riot on May 3rd , when following a single bomb thrown into the police ranks by an individual who was never identified, chaos took away the lives of 15 people, amongst them police and civilians.

The first major hijacking of an airplane in the USA happened on May 1st 1961. The hijacker forced an American airline scheduled to take its passengers from Miami to Key West to take a detour to Cuba. The curious fact is that this happened exactly one year after Soviet premier Khrushchev promised Cuba help with defence of their territory by installing a missile base there.

Concurrently, on May 1st 1960, to add spice to the soup, US 'recoinnassance' pilot Francis Gary

Powers was taken prisoner by Soviet forces after his plane, the U-2, was shot down over Soviet

airspace. The famous Irish music band, which formed exactly 200 years after the Illuminati, fronted by World Economic Forum lackey and Soros apprentice Bono, is named after that very plane.

In 1962, during Samhain, the USA, Cuba, and of course the Soviet Union where in the notorious

gridlock known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Strange but true. But not so strange when you

consider afresh the name of one of the most iconic buildings of the USA; the so named “Empire

State Building”. The word 'Empire' and its adjacent word 'State' have no business being in the same book, let alone being meshed together into a sort of aberrant hybrid expression that enters the unconscious through 'harmless' repetition, thus becoming commonplace. The Empire State

Building was officially opened on the 1st of May 1931.

80 years later on May 2nd 2011 Osama Bin Laden, a former friend of the Bush family, is killed by

US military. 14 years before that to the day, on the 2nd May 1997, well-known psychopath Tony

Blair becomes prime minister of the UK. In March 2003 Bush and Blair declare war on Saddam

Hussein's Iraq with the pretext of disarming him from weapons of mass destruction. The

weapons were never found, because they never existed in the first place. Bush declared the “end of major combat operations,” thus effectively the end of this brutal war, on the 1st of May 2003.

To conclude, the 1st May of 2004 marks the biggest ever expansion of the European Union. Wow

how many coincidences! The date 01/05 and 2004 brings us back to the 66! And that's not all.

This expansion includes the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Just one month

before, at the end of March, they had joined NATO. While the right of these states to do so is not in

question, this was one of the many moves that the USA and the EU made in breach of their word to Putin, thus using these states and the scars carried by their history with Communist Russia, for their own nefarious ends... ends that are now becoming sadly clear. Through NATO expansion towards the East, which is now about to include Sweden, and their years-long meddling with Ukraine, they are taking the world straight into huge trouble. And they are doing so with full knowledge and intent.

Referring to Weinshaupt's plan, early researcher William Guy Carr writes:

The plan required the destruction of ALL existing governments and religions. This objective

was to be reached by dividing the masses, whom he termed Goyim (meaning human cattle) into

opposing camps in ever increasing numbers on political, racial, social, economic and other

issues. The opposing sides were then to be armed and an ‘incident’ provided which would

cause them to fight and weaken themselves as they destroyed National Governments and

Religious Institutions.

(Pawns in the Game, 1958)


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