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Dear peaceful warriors and followers of, thanks indeed for your support and interest in the mysterious. Not only would I like to wish you a happy new 2021, but it’s also time to put some new revelations in motion!

In 2012 I was paying attention to the Mayan prophecy regarding the end of the world around the 21.12.2012 or 21 December 12. Many astrologers were tuning into the beginning of a “new world” according to the impulse of the “New Age”.

During this Yule 2020, I re-found some old astrological chats about a very very important passage, located exactly on the 21 May 2012. Considering that nothing happens at random at that time of the year, the old documents saved on my PC came back to surface, trying to help me to find what this 'so important timing' was about.

Let’s find out together…

“on the 21 May 2012, Alcyon (managing director of a solar system with 8 suns) was located in 0 degrees Gemini = location of the new moon at that time. Our nice fellow Alcyon transited in Taurus for 2160 years before entering Gemini in 2000. During his stay in Taurus, Alcyon didn’t enter the photon belts and placed us in front of a spiritual wall by neglecting the importance of the feminine energy, the force of life, the sacred feminine, for the glory and benefit of male self-importance, but also our self-destruction as egomaniacs.

Like an Alchemist bounce, the photons belt came back to us to help us to re-find our inner Alchemy, transforming the lead (karma) into gold (incarnation). The light of Alcyone came to cleanse our karmas, including the karma of humanity, linked to the karma of the Middle Ages.

From another side, there was, during this new moon, the influence of the Galactic Centre… bringing Gamma rays, meaning photons of a higher quality, to penetrate all the levels of our DNA. It was an amazing source of purification…

Mind and body were shaken and it was the time to see that it was the opening of a fantastic gate that nobody has seen the impact of … till now!

* From 21 May 2012 to 14 December 2020= a gate of 8 years of karma cleansing.

21 May = 21.05 = 2+1+0+5 = 8

14 Dec = 14.12 = 1+4+1+2 = 8

Number 8 = number of karma.

I had also noted a sentence from the founder of Anthroposophy, Mr Rudolf Steiner:

“everybody has to cleanse a karma from the Middle Ages.”

I do believe we all had an existence in the Middle Ages, and this has impacted our family karma.

8 years, 8 suns, 26 = 8.

* From 21 May 2012 to 26 May 2021= the real passage.

End of a cycle of 9 years of karma cleansing and the right to re find what has been left behind = the power of our lineage (i will write an article later about this).

Let’s have a look at the numbers closely :

2012 = 5, 2021= 5, 12 is 21reversed linked to number 3 (the link of communication with the Nagual/Spirit).

In 2012 = 21 May = 26

In 2021, day of the full Moon is the 26! And by the way, the 26 May 2021 is a lunar eclipse!

So let’s be ready to welcome real and positive changes in 2021. All the corrupt governments with their manipulation campaigns will also face the law of karma. Self-observation, signs, coincidences and synchronicities are also part of the game. Be ready for a journey from station 12 to station 21…



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