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2020: the great alignment!

Hey fellow peaceful warriors, thanks for surfing on our blog, it's worthy. During the quarantine, I had a lot of opportunities to see what others think about the worldwide flu. A friend of mine sent me a video from a spiritual coach from the Reunion Island. I suddenly paid attention to his pseudonym: Herakles.... guy had a wide open mind about the situation and was talking about the year of the alignment. This word "alignment" bounced in my mind and I decided to investigate about it.

Let's remember that the Nagualist path is sometimes beyond imagination. A simple sign can lead us to a big amount of awareness. Herakles talking about the year 2020 didn't come at random. He lives in an island located in the Indian Ocean, belonging to France. The registration number of this department is 974. So 9 + 7 + 4 = 20. That was a fantastic omen for me to push up my shamanic investigations further down.

In numerology 2020 is a year 22, so ruled by a master number. From another side, this year is also peppered with interactions between master numbers.

Example: 3rd of August = full moon = 3 + 8 = 11 bouncing with our universal year 22 leads to 33.

8th of August = 8 + 8 = 88 bouncing with universal year 22 leads to 110 = 11 x 10.

You can find a lot of portals every month.

So what does the alignment mean for the peaceful warriors?

Very simple, it means that we have to align ourselves to our real power and not the fake power of the system, not to trust the second fake wave of covid19, not to trust the politicians promising a solution... and so on.

Being in touch with our true nature and our intuition that in this world something has happened to put human stupidity in jail.

To motivate yourselves, please have no hesitation to watch Star Wars and try to understand the war between the Empire (the corrupted financial and political systems) initiated by the Siths (dark warriors) against the Resistance (the Republic) protected by the Jedis, symbolizing the real human values .

The alignment has begun. Time has come to find our side.

May the Force be with you, warriors of the world. All united like the Jedis, we will find our destiny and we will be free from mental slavery.


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