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A Few Words About The Black Moon

According to astronomy, the Black Moon is the second focus of the lunar ellipse. It does the tour of the zodiac in approximately nine years. The common name for the BM is Lilith, a symbol of rejected forces, of an indescribable lack, leading to a sense of loneliness and sorrows. Regarding the earth, It also represents the first focus of the lunar ellipse. If the moon is the star, the BM is the anti-star, the underworld, the reflection of the dark shadow of the light.

Lilith means a principle of reduction and deletion, like a missing amount of well-being in the personality. The Black Moon also symbolizes quest of absolute and transcendence.

Its counter part is the Black Sun (second focus of the earth’s orbit).

If the BM is Lilith, the White Moon is Eve, the Sun is Apollon, the Black Sun is Dionysos.

Traumas of the past...

Lilith indicates us the way we are going to invest ourselves in a problematic. Goddess born from the earth, playing an air of equality with Adam, she manifested her power and her freedom by liberating the energy of the shadow she represents. She revealed the forces of the unconscious, able to unleash and leading a man in distress.

In a birth chart, the position of the BM indicates a point remaining unconscious and therefore, containing a fabulous energy locked by dark desires, temptation, attraction, seduction, sex, fascination, rejection, fear, revenge...

Every peaceful warrior must find the tracks of Lilith in his/her personal story. The sign where the BM is located is the point of ignorance = the trauma one cannot access easily. The darkness irradiating the potential of the sign. The house locating the BM symbolizes a neurotic behaviour buried deep down in the unconscious, turning the house of Lilith in turmoil.

It is a place of evolution, a negative energy to fight...linked to all the extremes.

Also described by many astrologers as a karmic point like the nodes, from the invisible axis of the Black Moon to the visible axis of the Meridian and the horizon. It often symbolizes the passage throughout the gates of the Dragon (Nodes).


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