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A few words about the Full Moon & Eclipse in Sagittarius - 5th June 2020

(@ 20H26 Vilnius Lithuania 15° 34 Sagittarius)

The lunar eclipse of June 5, 2020 will be precisely penumbral, which means that the moon will cross the penumbra of the earth. These are the least visible types of eclipses, but this does not prevent them from having effects on the earth and its inhabitants! The lunar eclipse of June 5th 2020 will be visible from Europe, Asia and Australia.

Link to see the exact locations of the eclipse: Here

It is an eclipse in Sagittarius, a sign of triple symbolism: the nomad, the student and the philosopher.

The chart below shows the Moon eclipse of June 5th at 15° 34 Sagittarius in an extremely narrow square aspect to Mars.

Opposition to retrograde Venus will lead us to reconsider our relationships, our relationship with money and our need for creativity.

The belligerent Mars will lead us to regain one of the three aspects of Sagittarius obscured by our conditionings. It is time to see where our unexplained anger comes from and to release the frustrations accumulated over time.

Do not forget that this full moon is located in the axis of the nodes and leads us with the retrograde planets to erase our personal history so as to give way to novelty and to open up to a more creative life. It’s “acting” versus “suffering”. The Mars-Neptune conjunction, even if it seems difficult to approach, invites us not to abandon our dreams and to reveal our deep feeling of existence.

Numerology: 05.06.2020

5+6= 11 . 2020= 22=4. 11+22=33.

5+6+2+0+2+0= 15= 6


Number 6 in the Marseilles tarot means the lovers and points out the importance of Venus in this full moon.


The number 15 = the devil points out the trap in which humanity has fallen: self-importance, eagerness of possession, over consumption, fear of tomorrow….all negative attributes which break harmony between human beings.

11, 22, 33

The 3 masters numbers 11, 22 and 33 announce the will of emancipating ourselves from mental slavery, from our fake conditionings, and to open a bit more the heart chakra.

On the numbers matrix, the FM + eclipse symbolize an axis of evolution:


1 2 4

4 5 6

7 8 9

We have to accept the step of re-structuring (4), re-evaluate our relationships and reharmonize our life.

The re coming from all the retrograde planets.

And the last word to master Yoda:


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