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A few words about the Full Moon in Scorpio - Thursday 7th May 2020.

(13:46 Vilnius time) at 17 degrees 20 of the sign of Scorpio.

The Sun in Taurus represents reasoning, logic, concreteness, and the Moon in Scorpio speaks of instinct, emotions, powerful feelings.

The Full Moon in Scorpio pushes us to take stock of our inner world, to make a real introspection in order to transform ourselves inwardly.

Intense and passionate Full Moon, it calls for a better definition of her emotions, which are precisely exacerbated during these hours. The Full Moon in Scorpio makes us extremely lucid and authentic; with it there is no question of lying to oneself.

During this Full Moon in Scorpio which is therefore the Opposition of the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, Mercury is conjunct to the Sun in Taurus:

Your spirit is more lively and relevant. You solve a riddle, you uncover secrets.

The Full Moon being a light, we can really speak here of a real revelation possible during this phase of Full Moon.

Left side…

Most of the planets are facing the ascendant, that is, in the zone of the zodiac descendant. The west female symbol with the element water, pushes us to transformation and growth. The descendant symbolizes relationships, the way to cooperate with the world.

Planets R Pluto, Saturn (May 11) and Venus (May 13)

All these retrograde planets with Pluto always in mind, call us to better accept our own inner power, to respect our deep values and to dare to live them, rather than curse the outer power. The problems associated with power refer us to our problem with the use of our own power, to giving us back to ourselves as much as possible so as to live our lives, to lift the sails and go through what we have not dared to do. That everyone can find the meaning of his life, there lies the true alchemy; at the bottom of himself.

Numbers: 07.05.2020

7+5+2+0+2+0 = 16 = 7


We can clearly see the return on the number 7 (Consciousness in the tarot Zen of Osho) and the chariot (Marseilles tarot).


An opening of consciousness caused by the 16 = the collapse of old values that require a total renovation.


(Adding day to Month) 7+5= 12 = the hanged man (Marseilles tarot), the need to see his inner world, not necessarily seeing the world with the eyes of reason.


The hanged man also represents the shape of the rune Wunjo (image below), the rune of the Northern shaman Odin, who received the revelation of the runes.

Everyone will interpret this Full Moon according to his feelings and intuitions.

So let’s be magical!


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