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A few words about the NEW MOON in Taurus - 23rd April 2020

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

New Moon in Taurus, the awakening of a new common sense,

(Sun at 3°24 and Moon at 3°25. NM@4h27 GMT)

The New Moon is always a time when we are given the possibility of a change, because the moon enters into a new cycle of 28 days, which ends and restarts at the next New Moon. So this is a time when we set up new projects, a time when we set up new intentions, a time in which we adjust our creations in order to reformulate new intentions that are closer to our real nature.

The sign of Taurus is a fixed sign, a sign of Earth that bears concrete and stable values.

In analogy with House II, our external resources are valued (our wealth, the money we earn through our work), as well as our personal potential and our internal wealth (our achievements, our gifts, or our talents). A sign in analogy with nature, land, ecology and agriculture. It also corresponds to our own territory, as well as our heritage. Not to mention that there is also a question of the body and our relationship with it, which leads to how we nurture it; it includes nutrition and physical exercise. Being ruled by Venus (to be found in Gemini during this New Moon), it is possible for us to change our way of loving or of being loved, to change our relationship to money, to be led to do several things at the same time which, with the help of asteroid Vesta, can be done in a harmonious and balanced way, while adapting to what is being put before us.

This New Moon in Taurus joins Uranus, bringing an energy of change, transformation, a need and a desire for freedom... even more so since we are all more or less confined, with strict rules that prevent the expression of our being from embodying what we want, from having what we want, where we want it and when we want it…This conjunction is in dissonance with Saturn, which means that restrictive measures can still remain in force.

Do not forget the fixed cross (Taurus-Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius), characterized by a movement of consciousness by which an individual becomes more refined and better defined by using his life energy. The purpose of the incarnation of the Fixed Cross is to reveal the true nature of Love.

We also find the Venusian values associated with the ascendant Aries (calculated for time of chart in Vilnius), the warrior nature. The values of the previous full moon find an echo during this new moon. Let us continue the inner struggle, let us not be discouraged by an illusory materialistic system that is nearing its end: the South Node in Capricorn deals with state affairs and a power that needs to flourish in the more nourishing sign of Cancer with the North Node.

On the other hand one notices that the majority of the planets are on the left side of the chart. Six signs are empty of planets...

as if the universe wanted to harmonize the earth, in the image of Yin and Yang, of emptiness and fullness, war and peace. Humanity must remain in motion and not freeze in fear.

In short, this New Moon can be lived in impulsiveness (Mars in Aquarius & Mercury in Aries) as well as in creativity. It all depends on what you want to embody (fixed cross).

Putting the Intention to liberate what is inside us drives us inwardly to bring out a new creative potential.

So, May the Force be with you!

Numbers: 23.04.2020

  • 3 + 04 = 27 = 9 2020 = 2+2= 4

9 + 4 = 13

13; the process of Metamorphosis, death and rebirth. In Osho zen tarot it is called the transformation.

  • 1 + 3 = 4

4; linked to the earth element, to a structure, the square, concrete actions. Number 4 represents the Emperor in the Tarot of Marseilles, the authority and the power, needing an opening (23+4=27= 9) to a new personal level of awareness =9 (the hermit, loneliness) to feed the collective awareness at a later stage.

  • 23 = 2 + 3 = 5

5; The void in Osho zen tarot. Facing the void, nothingness.


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