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A few words on the karmic numbers!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Following the last article on karmic numerology, we are now facing a subtle approach of the so called “karmic numbers”. After 30 years of numerology, I would like first to demystify the concept of karma.

Many spiritual teachers argue that a karmic number is like a debt we have to pay in this life (uuufff, so expensive sometimes). Others claim it is a lesson we have to learn in this actual life, coming from a life or several lives before.

Somehow, they are right, as the Hinduist or Buddhist concept of karma is well adapted to the fact of reincarnation.

In this fast and furious 21st century, it seems important to me to add a new concept, as the karmic numbers (or the retrograde planets in astrology) are linked to transgenerational memories stuck in our collective unconscious. The sensation of déjà-vu, a love story described as a soul mate relationship, a person pissing you off at work all the time as if it will be for ever, a place you’re visiting for the first time and you feel at home, synchronicities…are perfect examples of a deep remembrance.

After more or less 5 years of researches on the old memories stuck in our unconscious, I have noticed that a particular situation helps to awake the remembrance. The most difficult is to see it. The address, the place you’re living, the city or the country can also help to put old memories to surface…as well as people or films.

“In April or May 2005, I heard a strange noise coming from a fountain in the neighbourhood of my hometown Manosque in Provence (France). There was somebody knocking the stone with a hammer. I immediately understood that a worker was refurbishing the core of the fountain. The guy, feeling someone looking at him, turned and looked at me. Big surprise, it was a mate I haven’t seen in ages. We were at school together but not in the same class. I knew this guy was a manager but not a sculptor.

We had a very interesting chat. Everything was about inspiration. He explained me that He went to the Louvres Museum in Paris in 2000. Seeing the pieces of art, he started crying and also fainting on the floor. He felt an intense emotion of 'this is what I am made for…sculpting'. Never heard about Gilles attending any Fine Art academy or following any lessons in sculpting. His talent came back to surface. Improving like nobody else and praying every time before starting sculpting, the artist got a European prize and is doing pieces of art in Italy, in France and I presume all over Europe. “

The guy probably re-found the spirit of a sculptor, stuck in his memory. The talent coming back to surface when his eyes saw the multitude of sculptures in Paris.


So, now let’s have a look at the karmic numbers and the memories they can awake:

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19.


How the number of the apostles can influence our mood. This wise number indicates the different ways of communicating in past lives. Linked to number 3, it weakens or boost communication depending on what you’ve lived before. Symbol of the hanged man in the Tarot and symbol of the rune Wunjo (the rune of Odin) it helps us to remember the lost knowledge if we forget our (rational) mind and if we open ourselves to the hidden world.

  • Archetype: Artists, communicators.

  • Planet = Mercury.

  • Keywords: Expression, Creation.


Many astrologers, numerologists, mystics, spiritual teachers have this number in their chart. It’s a symbol of mysticism, linked to the Marseilles tarot Death. People with a strong 13 have the tendency to control the others for their own interest. From a reverse side, a lot of knowledge and wisdom may come to surface for people aware of their “thirteenss”.

  • Archetype: Alchemists.

  • Planets = Saturn and Pluto.

  • Keywords: Structure, Transformation.


This number (temperance in Marseilles Tarot) indicates that people have abused of their sensuality in a past life. The lesson is to see where you’re putting your will to possess the other (or to be possessed). The main lesson touches individual freedom, considering that your partner is as free as you are. King or courtesan? Broker or negotiator?

  • Archetype: Advisors.

  • Planets = Mercury and Venus.

  • Keywords: Comfort, Freedom, Pleasure.


The number of the devil in Marseilles Tarot indicates of an excess of materialism in a past life, coming from various conditionings. The individual branded by number 15 makes money and spends it for his own glory. It can also indicate a temptation to go through magic to fulfil one’s own desires.

  • Archetype: Managers, artists.

  • Planets = Mars and Venus.

  • Keywords: Domination, strong body language.


The number of the falling tower in Marseilles Tarot indicates the need (or the will) to destroy the old structures from the past to build new ones. It can also refer to relationships. In a past life, the individual has restarted a new existence and wants to reproduce it in his/her actual life. With number 16, the trap of illusion is well shared, meaning “I live a life I don’t want to live, so I need to change”.

  • Archetype: divorced and re married persons, high level athletes or businessmen.

  • Planets = Neptune and Uranus.

  • Keywords: Illusion, lies, truth and adaptation.


The number of the moon in Marseilles Tarot is playing the fool, indicating that the individual has been betrayed in a past life. Not being aware of it, the tendency to repeat the pattern is very strong. A lot of sensibility and emotions are circulating. Harmony depends on the confidence on the other and above all in oneself.

  • Archetype: people going to therapy groups or therapists.

  • Planets: Moon and Neptune.

  • Keywords: Confidence, feelings, well-being.


The number of the Sun in Marseilles Tarot puts the will to rise and shine at the peak. Thinking of an inflated ego, one is mistaken. The number 19 has the nostalgy of his glorious past life and wants to live it again. We are not particularly talking about kings and queens, but of people who had a role in their life allowing them to shine. The sun is linked to social life. Numbers 19 need to re-find their inner talents like the sculptor I was mentioning above.

  • Archetype: people living on their talent (financially speaking).

  • Planets: Sun, Uranus.

  • Keywords: Motivation, the right move.


And where are the karmic numbers located?

Following the traditional numerology calculation, you can find them in your name, date of birth, but also in your address, car …


M A D O N N A +

4 1 4 6 5 5 1 = 26 = 8 (26 = 13 x 2)

W I L L I A M G A T E S + (12 letters)

5 9 3 3 9 1 4 7 1 2 5 1 +

34 16 +

7 7 = 14

R O G E R F E D E R E R +

9 6 7 5 9 6 5 4 5 9 5 9 +

36 43 = 79 = 16

9 7 = 16

12 . 02 . 1932 = 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 2 = 19

24 . 06 . 1972 = 2 + 4 + 0 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 = 31 (reverse 13)

11 . 04 . 1962 ………………………………...... 11 + 4 = 15


Time to investigate guys. But remember there’s no fatality, most probably a lesson to learn, a break to make, a rest to have, an emancipation to mental slavery, a trip to plan… just potentials needing to come to surface.

All change is good, an inner change needs awareness and energy.

By the way, number 11 is a master number so channelling the Force within you in different ways. Number 17 is also called “number of the Nagual”, it is a precious talisman.

Precious numbers are moving in your date of birth (and in your name) like seeds are growing in the soil. There’s no good or no bad numbers or planets., just symbols erasing the lies of our conditionings, truth erasing the lies of the system.


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