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Astrology, Chakras and Meridians...

As we are entering the earth sign of Virgo, I thought it was time to put some Mercury energy in motion. The wise Virgo, ruled by the god of communication ,is also called the doctor (or the psychologist) of the zodiac. In medical astrology the Virgo handles the intestines and the nervous system.

Being a Virgo (15th Sept), the passage of this new moon is a good opportunity to share some discoveries comfortably stored on my laptop.

Metaphysics of the Chakras!

The first three chakras are associated with the Past. They are related to excretion, to the evacuation of toxins, to reproduction (which is a renewal of the past, of youth), to the management of emotions (which are reactions of the memory of events). They are associated with the physical, etheric and astral bodies that connect to the earth, to ancestral aspects.

The skeleton linked to the Earth element contains ancestral memory.

The fluids linked to the elements Water and Fire are the harbingers of information, emotion and are vectors of the present time.

The skin and lungs linked to the Air element are an opening on the Other and the Future. The nervous system through electromagnetism is linked to light and ether. It is at the bottom of the spine that suppressed neuroses and trauma are stored. There lies the Serpent (the Devil, the Dragon) and if he wakes up and goes through the spine to attack the Crown with animal impulses, repressed instinct, too much morality. When the Snake of the Kundalini awakens, the channels of the Chakras must be pure so that it has no blockage. The Devil therefore goes to the assault of the Crown in a spirit of revolt and conquest of Consciousness.

The chakra of the Center is associated with the Present. It is related to the mind but also to the emotional, to the social. It is the body-mind-soul conjunction, the first Chakras being rather the Body, the central Chakra the Spirit and the last three Chakras the Soul. It is associated with the mental body. It is the seat of the intellect, the vessel of thought.

The Heart chakra results from the struggle between cold and calculating rationalism and hypersensitive and emotional artistic creativity. These are the male and female poles, Animus and Anima, which ideally must come together in one Consciousness. This Chakra is the chakra of Humanity in every sense of the word, in the World of the Living, the Perceptible, the Eternal Present. It is associated with Consciousness, the Waking State that travels between Past and Future. This is the seat of the Ego, of the Self.

The last three chakras are associated with the Future. They are related to the mastery of reality,

intuition, awakening, Buddhahood, cosmic consciousness. They are associated with karmic, Buddhist and Atmic bodies that connect to the spiritual aspects of the human soul, angels and God. These chakras are related to the beings of the coming worlds, to the inhabitants of the Future able to travel in time. These chakras are associated with the Superego but also with the Self.

The Throat chakra represents the Superego, the Judge, the Censor, the Impulse Steward and it is he who regulates Karma and teaches Consciousness. The throat through the Word acts on reality and serves as a gateway between the spiritual and the human.

The 3rd Eye chakra designates a super-evolved consciousness that knows everything about the Universe, that knows the future that reads and connects the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic Souls. It’s the center of perception.

The Crown chakra finally designates the Self, that is, the Real Identity free from Illusion, from Maya. Illusion is only moving Light. The Self is the junction point between Light and Darkness, it is the Void, the Total Reality, the Union with the divine. Kundalini is the link between the Base and the Crown through the Green Center of Consciousness, the Heart.


Basics of Chinese medicine:

The Lung and Large Intestine Meridians:

The Lung and Large Intestine are paired Yin and Yang meridians. The Lung meridian is Yin, it’s Yang partner is the Large Intestine meridian. These two meridians are also categorized within the Metal Element.

For any given pairing, the Yang meridian is more often used to clear things out of the associated system, whereas the Yin meridian is used to support the strength of the associated Yin organ. The respiratory system is clearly connected to the lungs. From the Classical Chinese Medical perspective, the Lung Organ System includes the lungs, the nose, sinuses and all of the breathing passages.

Nodes and Meridians: the link!

Following my positive experience with Acupuncture; I felt a subtle link between the so called South Node/North Node with the Meridian intestines/lungs. It is consistent as we have seen above that the past is linked to the lower chakras and the future to the upper chakras. According to my personal researches, the intestines symbolize the elimination of the toxins=the past= the South Node. The lungs can be seen as the North Node, so the challenge to find a direction in the Future.

But this concept is just a personal insight and needs to be shaped, to be experienced. I have seen many people suffering from Constipation = probably attachment or nostalgia to the past. Other people suffer from Diarrhea = probably fear of the future. It is interesting to see where the Nodes are located on your birth-chart, as it can give you an idea on what can block or boost the North Node. The signs of the Nodes are important to cleanse our karmas and to lead our existence to a new level.

When there’s a New Moon, meaning the energy is going down, it is the right moment to consider our body as an echo of the lower chakras.

A NM in Virgo also indicates our will to get rid of the old schemes of life that we don’t need anymore, but that are gripped in our memory like a virus or a Troyan horse.

Helping the intestines to get rid of the stories of the past is more than consistent.

One can also consider that the body-Nagual has the lead.

Time to forget, time to forgive...


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