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Believe in the Human!!

This article can be understood as part 2 of Genaro's Romance: A Perspective on Ecological Living, which was published exactly 3 years ago. This comes from the kind of inspired synchronicity characteristic of Mercury retrograde, a remembering that happened while reading a text in The Universal Spiderweb by Armando Torres. This text refers to war, specifically war between clans of sorcerers. Torres writes;

...little by little, I pieced together the evidence and realized that they (the sorcerers) were referring to a real war in which there were dead and wounded.

This was not the first time that I met with this text, and my reaction then as now was that of puzzlement, followed by a feeling of repulsion. In my mind the warrior-sorcerer is one of the highest forms of being-human, one who sculpts his life with intent and purpose, and one who knows that the pettiness of conflict comes from the unhealthy ego. There seems to be no hope for this world if even sorcerers are resigned to the fact of war as a necessity. So a sense of inner rebellion arose in me and I said “If this is what sorcerers do, then I don't want to be one. They are of no use.”

It was at that moment that my body reminded me of the warrior's humility. This doesn't involve meekness or timidity, but is simply an subtle urge to connect to the fact that there may be something I'm missing, and that my ideas and ideals might be an impediment to understanding. And it was in that moment that I tumbled down the hill from the clouds of ideas into the valley of the actual.

Torres writes;

...I confronted don Melchor with a direct question: “And why are they at war?”

“Because that's what the situation is” he said...

Because that's what the situation is. Hmmmm. This sentence has been echoing in my brain for years.

What happened then was that I realized the very simple fact that we ARE at war. The war, somehow, has come to us. This war has been dubbed, correctly in my view, a war on humanity. In fact, if one is to be precise, it is a war on life itself. But the main front of this war, the strategic edifice that must not fall, is the human. In fact, on close inspection, one can see that the attacks of the inorganic consciousness are directed mainly at instilling a sense of collective self-loathing in the human specie. One can see this, for example, in the general drift of Yuval Harrari's Sapiens. The choice to remove 'Homo' from the name of the book is certainly not a cosmetic choice. Lends a new slant to the word “dehumanization”.

Grace Under Pressure

As Saklan had written in the 2020 article, the modern human being is under a tremendous and continuous pressure, because every action we take within this system is loaded with negative thought-forms. This makes the dance of life ungraceful, heavy and jittery. Just imagine that most of the people on Earth are now convinced that Carbon Dioxide (which the human naturally exhales) is the main driving force behind Anthropogenic (human-caused) Climate Change TM and that the latter is about to decimate life on Earth and potentially end the human race. If one looks into this string of lies and observes the implications one will find that there is an unconscious build-up of guilt, fear, and self-hatred, attached to every breath you take. This simple example serves to illustrate how serious and polluting this unconscious programming is. The human being is being made to think of itself as a deadly pest, a virus... one that needs to be eradicated.

Meeting Reality Afresh

The total and sober acceptance shown by don Melchor when he says “Because that's what the situation is,” is why warriors are special beings. They meet reality without confrontation, without ideals, without resistance.

But does this mean that the actual is the only thing possible? Does it mean that because humans have been at war for most of recorded history, this is their natural state? Or is it incumbent on us as warriors to explore and understand the mechanisms that source this seemingly endless cycle of violence?

Don Melchor continues:

“Knowing that we're at war and that at any moment we can be attacked helps us to stay attentive.”

This is a huge line, loaded with meaning, and contains more than one level of understanding.

The first level is that the warrior accepts his fate, with humility and sobriety.

The second is that the warrior uses everything that the world provides him with. This is a form of faith or trust, both in the unfailing guidance of the spirit, as well as in the understanding that whatever manifests around us has an energetic source.

The third level is that war is good. No, just kidding :)

The 3rd level follows from the second. What if we were truly interested in reality, in truth? Would that not sharpen our attention without the need for a shock from the outside, like war? Would people who are truly attentive to life, truly interested in life, truly desirous of life, engage in war? Would they ever need war? Would they ever let themselves be trapped in a conflict for long enough for it to turn into war?

I don't see how they could. In my own experience, in the friendships with fellow warriors, we experience this first-hand. I have verified beyond shadow of doubt that conflicts can be resolved through simple awareness and trust in the process of becoming-aware. Wars exist because of a deficit in humanness, not because they are an essential part of being human.

I share again these wonderful words:

Only if one loves this Earth with unbending passion can one release one's sadness,” Don Juan said. “A warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable and his beloved, the Earth, embraces him and bestows on him inconceivable gifts. The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to their being.”

Carlos Castaneda, “Tales of Power”

War is a corruption of the Human, not a characteristic of Human Being. It's time to bring back the beauty of the Human, the honor, the joy of friendship, the satisfaction of kindness, the pleasure of all forms of love. The self-loathing programmed into humans creates a loathsome world. Connecting through awareness to an inner space that this programming cannot reach will lead us to remember why a child's smile fills us with joy, and why a simple act of kindness is remembered for a lifetime. A world without violence is possible. Let's build it. Believe in the Human!!


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