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Bill Bang Trickery

There is a sit-com which I have really enjoyed for years. It's called Big Bang Theory. The writing

is exceptional and, if you like this kind of thing, you will never forget the expertly cast characters

that make this sit-com so enjoyable and packed with clever, hilarious jokes.

Lately while working intensely on a music project I needed some light entertainment to relax my

mind, so I remembered this sit-com and started to watch it again from the very beginning. The

character Sheldon is a true master of the ego-shell. In fact the vibration of his name is an anagram for Don Shell. Anyone interested in the writings and teachings of Castaneda might appreciate this. This time I also noticed that this sit-com, like many other things in this world of manipulation and social engineering, displays some traits of a sith-con. The longest frame in the opening 'history' collage:

When one enters the complex and dangerous world of so-called “conspiracy theories” one puts

oneself in a very serious risk of installing in one's mind a heightened version of hyper-interpretation and corrosive suspicion. Ever since I have stopped resisting to accept the difficult truth of a concerted effort from people with almost unlimited financial means to manipulate the world for nefarious ends, I have not only lost friends and much sleep, but also experienced this risk first-hand.

When Don Juan instructs Castaneda that warriors should be the paragon of reason through their impeccable sobriety, I am more than guessing that he was referring at least in part to this risk. If we succumb to this hyper-interpretative mentality the world becomes dull and ugly, and the psychopaths win. So with knowledge comes power, and in order to handle power we need presence. It is in this spirit that I share the following. Because if the following is not the product of my own madness, then the enemy we are fighting is as virulent as there ever was. It is everywhere, and therefore our alertness must be very sharp.

As season 3 of The Big Bang Theory set in, I started getting these little inner shocks. Too many

connections, too many coincidences. By the 15th episode I stopped it. The picture became

complete. I saw it. Sheldon gives Penny a rare hug and he is infected with a virus. The following

is a frame from episode 15 representing the virus spreading through the hug. This season aired in 2009-2010, ten years before Covid-19 was unleashed.

3 minutes before this frame, part of the conversation between Sheldon and Leonard goes like this:

“... you are no longer entitled to accompany me to go swimming at Bill Gates house should I be invited.”

Coincidence? Hmmm.

In the episode right before this one, namely episode 14, Sheldon is preoccupied with a physics

problem regarding graphene. And carbon atoms. Ring a bell?

Earlier in the same episode there is a negative comment about Apple, Microsoft's strongest


During episode 13 Sheldon says, in passing: “Windows 7 is much more user-friendly than Windows Vista...”

Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft in 2009, same year of this season.

By the end of the series Bill Gates makes an appearance on season 12, the last season. This was

2018-2019, and was connected to the creation of 'safe vaccines'.

This is a small example of a gigantic reality. Our alertness needs to be keen. This is how we stop

the real virus from infecting us; by understanding that to some extent they have already shaped our mind. These kinds of messages have been entering our consciousness for decades. Hiding under great jokes, loveable characters, and much else, the poison makes its way into our normality. Thanks to Mercury retrograde we can re-treat and re-consider the content of our mind. And clean it up from the scum.


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