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Following an amazing article from Mr Henry Makow arguing that people getting their usual jabs, which are not only toxic, but are also part of a process: becoming a chip for the

NWO system. The Bluetooth activates kind of a code...

The Bluetooth has been created to improve internet close communication, inspired from

the name of a Danish king Harald Blåtand, (in English: Harald Bluetooth). His initials H.B. are translated in the runic language as Hagalaz and Berkano. Please see below:

This looks very consistent...but if we look carefully at the symbol, we can find another expressions of the runic hiding the real intent of the flyers. Let’s remember that Hagalaz has been considered as the mother of the runes, meaning we can find any rune from its shape.

So the real aim of Bluetooth is not the one expected by the majority of its users.

* 1st symbol, the rune Kenaz (creative fire)

*2nd symbol: the rune Gebo (exchange and communication)

*3rd symbol: the rune Berkano (feminine energy, earth)

When we take the 3 initials of the runes, we find KGB. Does this organization mean something for you?

Surveillance, spying, controlling, dissimulation....

So it is a confirmation of the flyers hidden language, always manipulating....

Reps of the inorganic consciousness, the flyers (dark shadows) always challenge us to improve our perception of reality!

Lies, manipulation and illusion are their appetizers.



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