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Concerto of the Retrograde Planets!

Mercury has just turned R, and my mind is already in (slow)motion, thinking about how can we deal with 7 retrograde the coming future. But, before imagining the worst, let’s have a look at the following blackboard:

Many thanks to Sage of Stones for the impulse!

Very impressive, knowing there is a 2nd Full Moon on the 31st August.

* Venus R= LEO

* Mercury R= VIRGO


* Saturn R= PISCES

* Neptune R = PISCES

* Jupiter R= TAURUS

* Uranus R = TAURUS

We see a strong R activity within the triangle of Earth*

*there are planets in the 3 earth signs. (Capricorn-Taurus-Virgo). Does it means that the world is dealing with material matters? Is there a fight on a material plan (Uranus & Jupiter)?

I think that all the struggles of power engaged by the NWO and its satellites (NATO, UNO, WEF, WHO, CIA, Bilderberg, Bohemian club.....) will come to an end or a point of no return.

More and more people are now aware of the manipulation and the lies of the politicians. We are all heading towards a new world made by peace and harmony (Venus in Taurus).

It is also time to realize that the retrograde planets are also linked to karmas cleansing, a good time to erase our personal story and the conditionings graved in our memory (Pluto-Saturn).

Mercury, the god of communication, retrograde in his own(ed) field: Virgo, will bring more understanding and areal and new analysis of the situation. This retrogradation might affect communication, information and above all the media and their mass hypnosis.

His team mates Neptune and Saturn acting in the opposite: Pisces..might invites us to get out from the illusion and to get rid of the illusionists pretending “ruling'' the world.

The most important of course is to listen to the Concerto of the retrograde planets and to feel the symphony of a nurturing energy flowing within ourselves.

So enjoy the show! Feel the vibes! Let’s be aware!


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