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Conjunction Black Sun & Black moon: Double or nothing!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

In a previous article, I put in light the amazing chart of the 5th July 2022:

But what we need to keep in mind is the subtle conjunction of the BS and the BM from the 12th May to the 7th November, considering an orb of 10° to validate the aspect. After a fast check on the Ephemeris, I realized that the perfect conjunction (Orb of 0°) will occur on the 10th August 2022 at 13° Cancer.

Let’s have a look at the chart:

The mysterious couple BS & BM stays quite a long time in the sign of the moon. But where is the moon during the day of the conjunction.... It is located in Capricorn, the opposite and complementary sign (conj Pluto).

Do We have lessons to learn?

As We are back on a moment of conjunctions and oppositions, there are always something to learn from this energetic point of fusion and tension.

* The black Sun is somehow the antithesis of the black Moon. Not that it is opposed but it represents a parallel of revelation in the face of the mystery of the human being.

If the Black Moon takes more of the planetary elements of Saturn and Uranus, and therefore of a certain struggle of dependence, or of liberal anarchy. The Black Sun takes more of the Moon and of Neptune, therefore of a participation, of a jubilation of fusion, of the concept of creativity. The Black Moon is a search for freedom, the Black Sun is searching for an act of that freedom.

The BS is a subtle mix between our 2 parents: the sun giving us our dynamic and the earth giving us our materialistic side (body).

* Aspects with the Black Moon, Lilith.

Aspects of the Black Moon represent potentialities that are strong, but often remain unconscious at the beginning of life. The aspectated planet is linked to a karmic past or a gap felt in the unconscious rarely expressed with words.

The BM invites us to penetrate the deep areas of our (collective) unconscious to take back what has been repressed by our conditioning, education and culture.

* The conjunction Black Sun & Black Moon soaks up every full or new moon chart (during the time of the conjunction) with a surprising amount of unrevealed things coming to surface. With that aspect, one should pay attention to coincidences, synchronicity, dreams, perceptions....signs and manifestations of the Nagual.

Cancer ruler of house 4 = the family/lineage karma is also linked with the concept of a

collective unconscious.

* Planets in Cancer and Capricorn are shaken by this subtle aspects BS/BM. For example, if you have Venus in Cancer or Capricorn, a work on relationships, love and creativity will be needed.

If you have Mars in Cancer or Capricorn, a work on action will be needed (act of reason or act of power?).

If you have Mercury in Cancer or Capricorn, a work on communication will be needed.

If you have Saturn in Cancer or Capricorn, a work on structure and organization will be


If you have Jupiter in Cancer or Capricorn, a work on faith will be needed.

Same with Neptune = universality, dreams. Uranus = innovation, revolution.

Pluto = transformation, rebirth...

* seeing beyond the visible is a lesson!

If We have a close look at the chart and We set up the directions, one can see that the subtle conjunction BS/BM embraces the Nadir the direction of the North, the principle of abstraction, intellect conceptualization and the upper chakras.

“Wake up your perception” should be a good exercise, by the way just 2 days before the full moon of the 12th August.

* The plus!

Considering the exile of the moon in Capricorn and this strong subtle conjunction in the sign of the moon (Cancer), there's a time to consider what is a paradox and to go deeper

in the art of stalking.

But, what should represent the conjunction Lilith-Dionysus in reality. To me, this film is the best example! The art of stalking at its very best.

So, double or nothing...


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