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Conjunction Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces : from 4th to 21st April 2022

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

What is a conjunction?

As a reminder, a Conjunction mixes the qualities and defects attributed to the two joint planets. If they are two so-called «beneficial» planets, the conjunction will be positive. If they are two more complex planets, the conjunction will be like a non resolved opposition: there will be negatives and positives in the interpretation.

In our case, Jupiter and Neptune are at home in Pisces, pointing out many concepts such as: spirituality, wisdom, ideals, mysticism, intuition, meditation, creativity, synchronicity, success, but also, excess, fanaticism. In a water sign, there might be a wave of emotions splashing the shore of our social life.

As the sign Pisces also indicates (with Neptune), the importance of our unconscious, old memories might come to surface in order to be cleansed. We are heading to the building of a New World and not a new world order, old dictatorships patterns are coming to surface like the deep state and all the fake organizations.

12 April 2022 = the perfect conjunction!

Compassion, Collective unconscious, Womb, Karma, Meditation, Escape, Drugs,

Mystic, Sacrifice, Actor, Dreams, Hidden Enemies, Tactic, Power, institutions ...

The Sabian degree of the conjunction at 24° Pisces is:

An Inhabited Island.

The question which is immediately coming to my mind is : do we have to explore new


The inhabited island resonates with the final quest of finding something hidden form the

others, let’s say hidden to eyes that cannot see reality as it is. This conjunction will surely be a moment of truth for humanity.

This is the call for a new COLLECTIVE energy of Benevolence, expansion and

cooperation for more humanity.

The risk is in excess: Jupiter meaning expansion, law, optimism, communication, and

Neptune meaning love, cooperation, fusion, unlimited, it generates a cocktail of

enthusiasm, an opening of heart, risk: getting rid of illusions or utopias.

But we should not forget Venus, the 3rd mate, also transiting the sign of Pisces, bringing her part

of femininity and creative energy.

The Sabian degree of Venus at 7-8° Pisces is:

A Girl blowing a bugle.

My imagination tells me: a girl blowing a bugle lives on an inhabited island…we are

approaching a new territory.

May the Force guide your intuition!


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