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CROSS THE FRONTIER - Full Moon of the - 19th NOVEMBER 2021

@ 9h59 (South of France)

This special FM taking place on the 19 November 2021 in the axis Scorpio (sun)-Taurus(moon) welcome a lunar eclipse. At that moment, the moon will be in the shadow of the earth. This big energetic move acts not only on tides and on the weather but also on human psyche. It is always difficult to decipher the impact of an eclipse because it will be visible form one side of the earth an invisible from the other side. One can sum up that on the visible part, the side effects will be more on the body and on the other side, the invisible one, the side effects will affect awareness. But both are the 2 different opposite and complimentary forces ruling the Universe like Yin and Yang.

It is also a moment to dig in the hidden force of the unconscious, the realm of the king Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Wishing to put reason apart and forgetting the notion of analysis, the aspects and all astrology transits, I had the perception that this FM + eclipse should be named:

Seeing the manifestations of the Spirit!

If you look at the chart, you will notice Mercury the scout planet, the planet rising just before the sun accompanied by the god of war Mars...Mercury conjunct to the sun and opposite to the moon has the main role of the movie.

The god of communication (in Scorpio) invites us to see the invisible, meaning to see what ordinary people cannot see, blinded by their ego and their self importance / self pity.

Castaneda and Torres talk about the manifestations of the Spirit, specially if you drop the monkey mind (reason) and you are able to move the assemblage point to the second attention. At that condition, the invisible world becomes accessible. This is very consistent with FM and eclipse as the moon is going to be invisible for a while, probably acting on emotions, fears and a lack of security. But this important moment offers the warrior an access to his intimate perception, irrespective if it is visual, sounds, taste, smells… in the axis Scorpio Taurus we are dealing with the senses ,not really with the rational mind. No need to analyze, Mercury is trapped in the martian grotto and faces the Venusian landscapes of our awareness.

To motivate the more skeptical, here’s my little tale of power.

In the morning (15th Nov) on my usual hike to a hill called the Mont d’Or (the golden mount) where was built a medieval castle, I was doing a connection with the four directions. When I finished the exercise, facing the North, I saw 4 wild pigs running in an Olive tree field. I liked it and when I came back home, planning to write this article, wishing to skip the flyers will to put humanity in slavery.

What are the manifestations of the Spirit?

Signs, coincidences, synchronicity, dreams, rainbows...anything strange for the rational mind. During the FM everything that was invisible and suddenly becomes visible!

Have fun!


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