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It should be the title of a movie. Dare to change is somehow a nice title, probably the movie of your life.

All change is good as it’s going to decrystallize your routines, the daily tour of your social life.

Forgetting the routines is a brilliant exercise as it helps to face (and why not abandon) a certain amount of fears.

But the most important is to see and to understand where you’ve put your fears. I would like to say that your routines and of course the fear of change maintains you in a rough reality, the one you want to escape. With the programme you have in mind, the reality you cannot escape. Stuck at home, stuck at work, stuck in traffic…stuck somewhere obviously!

One of the keys for a positive change is to allow yourself doing what you like. But also, important to understand why you have a dream in mind and you keep it hidden in the dark sea of your unconscious.

Like a fresh beer in the fridge during a hot summer, your dream is kept in the fridge. Drinking the fresh beer is like liberating your dream. You like the taste and the pleasure of the beer and why not doing the same with your dreams or passions.

We actually live in a world of confusion and manipulation, so the challenge of “changing” deserves to be taken seriously. The contamination of the medias spreading fears every day on the screens, must be stopped by a higher level of understanding the real situation.

The matrix wants you sick, but you’re healthy. So, erasing the programme of the manipulators is a job that can only be handled by increasing your level of awareness.

All change is good…starting now, deep inside, ask yourself the question:

What do I need right now to feel happy and fulfilled by energy?

The answer is in your heart, not in the mind!

(photo taken at the Museum of Modern art in Vilnius)


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