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During my 22 years of practice, I’ve met a lot of people involved in spirituality telling me “this is a sign” (= a manifestation of the Nagual/Spirit).

Foxily I always replied: “how do you decipher it?”

Then, a big second of silence. Many hesitations, and a non-consistent interpretation was coming out of surface like an analysis of the situation!

Many mates unable to really decipher the sign they had for dessert.

The old and wise don Marcelino used to give me very good tips, like:

- “to have a sign, it’s very good, proof you’re really connected! But to decipher a sign, it’s another matter. First you have to decipher the sign in its global meaning. Then, stay centred in yourself and try to find the meaning for you!”

What I would like to add is that to decipher the sign for yourself, you may use your intuition, going on the wild side, forgetting reason and feeling the meaning rather than analysing the situation. It’s not easy 'cause we all have the tendency to use the rational part of our brain, especially after having seen (eyes= trap).

If you decide to pick up signs, imagine yourself going to a picnic. So, consider that deciphering a sign will be like discovering your packed lunch. The analysis is the sandwich, the intuition is the caviar!

So, dare to be intuitive…


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