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Distortion: the side effect of the pain-body

Following the last full moon (9th Oct 22) in the axis Libra (sun)- Aries (moon), I saw that we all needed lesson for a better understanding of...the interactions between pain-bodies. Libra the sign of diplomacy and relationships (house 7) facing its counter part the warrior Aries (house 1) ruled by Mars.

After 25 years of shamanic practice, I (Virgo asct Libra) am still aware of the importance of synergy, collaboration and true relations in life. So let’s deliver the message with reference to Eckart Tolle and his concept of pain-body.

“During that FM, a reader strongly criticized one of my novel, arguing it was full of spelling mistakes, arguing.. She was about to correct it with her own biro. My male ego was a bit shaken, as I always have a corrector for the novels. But after observation of her body language (hands on the cheeks and move of the finger like a pen on the hand).

Interaction n°1 between pain-bodies = attack - defence. Words are swords.

The day after, I officially asked her by email to point out and locate my so called “spelling mistakes”; She replied very politely that She doesn’t remember but She will re-read the book, arguing She has pleasure to read it and will correct what has to be corrected.

Interaction n° 2 between pain-bodies = Using the force of the opponent to neutralize the attack. Forgetting aggressivity.

Finally I decided to understand the situation on another level, mixing perception and analysis. The reader only acted on behalf her pain body, spreading the negative energy of unhappiness (long is the list: fear, frustration, loss, betrayal, revenge, desire, need of recognition....). The word “pleasure” only appeared in the reply, showing the lack of positive energy of her pain body.”

Of course, I am not going to blame anybody, as this experience has lead me to a new discovery.

Distortion: do not be handled by your pain-body!

When somebody is totally under control of his/her pain-body, which means to be under the command of many neurotic behaviours, the person sees or perceives life with distortion, making the ego being the spectacles!

This concept leads us to the fixation of the assemblage point on the core of the pain body. It could be anger, anxiety, resentment, discontent, envy, jealousy,..and so on. The pollution is so huge that the inner dialogue dominates the person and his/her perception of life is fake, twisted by big amount of negative emotions.

That’s why, fellow warriors, it is important to stop feeding the pain-body, and to see what really matters.

Interaction n°3: when you see distortion in others, that means you also see it in yourself.

Seeing it and being aware of it is a very good way to get rid of it.

Learning, always learning.....full moon oblige.

Self observation,

Observation of the others: body language,

Seeing the attack to neutralize it.


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