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FULL MOON 16th February 2022 @17h57

This FM in the axis Aquarius/Leo has a special design. I suddenly realized that almost

all the planets are located in the West part of the chart, divided in 3 different territories:

Capricorn (Pluto, Mars and Venus) - Aquarius (Mercury, Saturn, Sun and part of fortune)

and Pisces (Jupiter and Neptune).

The moon is located in Leo bringing a mutual interception with the sun. The ascendant is also located in Leo, conjunct to the moon.

The most fascinating in this chart is the subtle interaction between the elements.

The western signs = Earth (Capricorn) + Air (Aquarius) + Water (Pisces) are facing the

Moon and Asct located in a Fire sign. East is also the symbol of fire.

Saturn acts as a scout planet, the moon acts as a singleton. Uncle Saturn is at home, so is uncle Jupiter. Venus is conjunct to the god of war in the sign of Mars.

The sun is in exile in Aquarius, having an influence of transformation, like going deep to find something needed by the individual and by the society.

This moon full of fire invites us to see where we have put our creativity and its importance for our social personality (house 1= ascendant). In opposition the sun in Aquarius reducing the ego of the personality is going to help us to see the importance or the toxicity of our relations (house7). Saturn in its sign Aquarius; so at home, wishes to bring a new awareness of the situation in which we macerate for almost 2 years. The lord of the karma, ruler of time, symbolizes patience as well, and invites us not to precipitate in the trap of the flyers/system/matrix, thinking it’s over. There are several actions in the world to protest against the corrupt governments, which are not states but companies... We, in reflection, have to find out the real actions our social personality needs to get another degree of freedom.

The direction of the West is linked to the water element, to transformation, regeneration, movement, fluidity, emotions and the colour blue, the throat chakra and communication.

The direction of the East is linked to the fire element, to intuition, creativity, action, wisdom, the colour Yellow, and the solar plexus containing the spleen (seeing) and the liver (dreaming). The moon conj ascendant in Leo is going to help us to digest the plandemic orchestrated by the flyers reps/Illuminati/Satanists, in order to transform the plumb (Saturn giving the illusion of losing time but it’s not true) into gold (love, harmony, freedom).

The nodes are aligned in the axis Scorpio (south node) / Taurus (north node), opening a new way of cleansing our old devils from the past. This position gives a favour or flavour to our senses. One must remind that the 1st memory of the human being is the olfactory memory. This consistency brings a new alignment to our karma cleansing. Isolated in Taurus, Uranus the ruler of Aquarius also has interactions with Saturn, Mars and Venus.

And if we see that the axis of the FM + the axis of the nodes = a fixed cross gathering the

signs of Taurus - Scorpio - Leo - Aquarius. The Fixed Cross defines the stage of awakening

of the soul or consciousness when the forms have been experienced on the Mutable


Global panorama:

I have consciously chosen not to dig in a strong analysis of the chart, due to the come

back of Mercury, the god of communication in Aquarius... planning his conjunction (orb

of 10°) with Saturn from 23rd Feb till 10th March. The exact conjunction will occur on

the 2nd of March.

When the journalist of the zodiac will meet the guardian of the past, communication between you and the subtle world (the Nagual) should take another dimension. Are you going to become more sensitive, more receptive or totally without any perceptions? This depends on the planets you have in Aquarius and in his opposite Leo. Dealing with information on both side tonal (social world) and nagual should be at the menu...signs, coincidences, synchronicity, dreams, everything breaking a no-way sign... will give you a track to follow.

What we have seen or perceived during the last New Moon in Aquarius might also come back to surface, including our fights against the system or our deepest dreams.

This FM playing with the elements is an invitation to re-discover the contact with nature…. like contemplating a beautiful landscape. Everybody will get his own sensations, feelings or emotions.

As a shamanic exercise, this FM should be a perfect moment for a walk in nature (gait

of power), contemplation (landscapes, clouds, leaves…) every action that gives you

distance from TV screens, medias.

This FM should be a wonderful indicator of the chakra/vortex you need to cleanse in order to align yourself with the emanations of the earth.

Remember the conditioning of the world (on behalf of the medias) for the past 2 years

was to block our nose, our mouth and our lungs. The order of the flyers was :”don’t

breathe, don’t speak. Obey the rules and get your reward...”

Please, have the Intent to unleash what the system blocked from you for quite a while.

May the Force be with you warriors!

May peace be the currency of the world!


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