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Full moon and eclipse’ 5th July 2020 - axis Cancer Capricorn

(7h44 local time, Vilnius)

This Full Moon is coupled with the energy of a penumbral lunar eclipse (which occurs every time the Moon is in the shadow of the Earth). This will allow us to raise our consciousness to something completely different. A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon is in the shadow of the Earth. Therefore, from a Lunar point of view, it is an occultation of the Sun by the Earth. This only happens when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned or close; then the Moon must pass through the Earth’s penumbra to be a penumbral eclipse.

In Capricorn, the Moon is said to be in exile, weakening the old state structures that imprison us. The retrograde Pluto continues to clean up the old, completely corrupted system.

The South Node continues to convey karmic and trans-generational memories, and when it transits into a field of our life, it comes to solicit in us or in the situations we live, past events or resurgence experiences that we need to explore and understand in order to unravel some karmic energies, while also learning to let go and apprehend life with a whole new vision.

With Mercury retrograde, communication will be important, exchanges will surely be blurred. It will then be necessary to be sure to express oneself well so as not to generate misunderstandings or difficulties of understanding. Indeed, retrograde Mercury, in square with Mars, can lead us to a more direct mode of expression…

Mars at home (Aries) multiplies and amplifies his strength and position, it is action for action. The expression “the fire of the action” is perfectly appropriate here. One can feel energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, lively, whole, in need of renewal, desire to undertake, to bring out this inner fire that allows to create beautiful things.

Mars is conjunct to Chiron and if we want to let ourselves be taught by him, we may have to learn through various more or less combative situations, to have to experience the peaceful warrior in itself, that is to say to learn to master or channel this force, or any aggressiveness, impulsiveness that may resurface. We will need to understand and raise awareness, in order to transform this energy into positive and creative actions.

Neptune is in harmony with Pluto, showing us the possibility to link the realm of dreams with our potential of regeneration, which could open up new spiritual potentialities!

Numbers: 05.07.2020

0+5+0+7+2+0+2+0 = 16 = 7


The symbol of number 16, in Marseilles tarot, the TOWER announces a fall down of an old edifice = our fake system based on corruption from money, rules and laws from dictatorships… will be shaken; We all have to build a new world made with a higher level of conscious. To see the conditionings of the system (Matrix) and to follow our own path.


Number 7 represents a chariot on which is perched a crowned character, symbol of triumph and success. the Chariot represents the movement. Quite an interesting Martian energy: confidence, commitment, initiative, self-control, but also risk-taking, strength, determination and inner balance.

The word of the end:

This is a typical Mercury Retrograde message; I saw it after starting writing the beginning of the article…and I like it:



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