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Full Moon in Aquarius, 22nd August, 14.01 CET, Malta

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There is a conspicuous triangle formed by Saturn R, Venus and the N.Node. Saturn R and Venus in their own specific ways point towards the origin of humankind. Both planets refer back to the material manifestation of forms and structures and therefore the unconscious trauma that strikes the soul as it is limited by form and seduced by desire.

The third point of the triangle is the N.Node and signifies the way forward. Humankind's inability to love itself is a direct result of deep-seated trauma in the collective unconscious. Situated in Gemini the challenge of the N.Node in this chart takes up all the characteristics of this strange and multi-faceted sign. Humankind is being invited to face its duplicity, the split from itself and its true being. To do this it must accept to see its schizophrenic prison, characterized by a deeply rooted self-hatred.

Humankind now collectively sees itself to an overwhelming degree mainly as a destroyer and parasite. It has focused its attention on this negative image of itself and keeps baking up “solutions” that are simply unconscious confirmations of this negative image. As individuals we are continuously informed by the collective unconscious and most of us have no choice but to buy into the illusion that we are deeply rotten as a species. “Am I Evil? I am a Man, Yes I am” a Metallica song goes.

The N.Node in Gemini in a harmonious aspect to Venus and Saturn R invites us as individuals to come to terms with our inner demons and thus open up a space for love. Of course the trine Venus/Saturn makes for the arising of strong sexual instincts and procreation, which is one way for individuals to participate positively in the collective. There is also another way, and this is to consciously contribute to the re-programming of the collective self-understanding of the species. This is consistent with the revolutionary impulse of a full Moon in Aquarius.

An issue that is quite rampant during our times is the apparent conflict between the interests of the individual and those of the collective. This apparent conflict is expressed in the full Moon axis, Leo / Aquarius.

The conjunction of Jupiter R with the Moon gives access to a higher wisdom. This is an opportunity to expand our vision of what humankind actually is, and how this apparent conflict between individual and collective interests is a complete illusion. This does not mean that one can deny that egoistic interests are actually destroying life as we now it. This simply means that these egoic interests are based on an ignorance of the truth and that the conflict is made possible artificially. Far from defining humankind this is contrary to what “being human” means.

So, all in all, this full Moon seems to be ushering a revolution in the way we appreciate who we are, individually as well as on the level of species. The harmonious aspect of Uranus R with Mars and Mercury further boosts the ability to re-think, re-connect, act in solidarity, and move toward a concrete and conscious contribution to the re-programming of the collective consciousness. We must keep in mind that the collective unconscious is the source of our manifested reality. What this means is that in facing these unconscious forces we effectively regain the ability to master our reality.

This re-programming is possibly the most effective and vital contribution anyone can make for humankind to have a chance at salvation.

In a strange and paradoxical way, the harder things get the more free we become. The less choice we have the more creative and connected we have to be. Through facing our own personal demons and opening a new space for loving (being) ourselves, we open a space for relationship, and therefore a space for an authentic way to be human.


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