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Full Moon in Aries, 29th September 2023 Focus on Salacia

Salacia is a minor planet with a 250 year orbit. She is to be found in the Kuiper Belt, but is not considered a Kuiper Belt object. She is named after the wife of Neptune/Poseidon, but has an astronomically “non-resonant” relationship to the planet of divine love and fog. This means that there is no discernible relationship between their orbits. It doesn't mean that there is none, but simply that, if there is one, it is – aptly – shrouded in mystery, beyond the reach of the mental.

This should come as no surprise, as Salacia would eventually become Neptune's wife, bearing three children. She must have been very beautiful and sexually magnetic as Neptune was head over heels about her. Wanting to remain chaste, and in awe of the sea-god, she refused his advances, until a dolphin he had sent convinced her that this was the path she should take. Neptune was so overjoyed that he put the image of a dolphin in the heavens, known as the constellation Delphinus.

Her name derives from sal, meaning 'salt'. She is the goddess of salt water, bringing out the motherly, nurturing aspect of the sea. She is the stillness of a calm, sunlit sea, the immensity beyond its horizon, the thought of which overwhelms the mind; but also the one who births the rock on which the tired dove rests after the flood. Salt cannot be seen when diluted in water. But its presence is clearly revealed in immersion once the water is tasted, or evaporates.

And thus Salacia is the revealer of the invisible (as I write this there is a power outage).

someone doesn't want you to be wise

The name Salacia resonates with the word salient through the common root sal (salt). Something is salient when it 'stands out', becomes relevant through relief from its background. This is the birth of form, but also indicates discernment. When salt is added to food (Italian salare) in judicious quantity it serves to excite perception of subtle tastes in the food that would have otherwise remained unnoticed. Discernment is the ability to see an important detail in the fog of consciousness, to separate one characteristic from a closely related one, and separate the noise from the spirit's voice. Thus occurs the arising of deep wisdom (connected in many cultures with salt). It could also be applied to the perception of signs which 'jump out' (Italian saltare) only to the one who has accumulated enough silence to notice the whisper of the spirit.

Salacia represents the transition of life from the amorphous oneness to its expression in forms, the rise from the watery womb, as life 'came up' (Italian salire) from the depths of the sea to dry land. She is also a preserver of ancient forms and knowledge. In Herculaneum, smaller and wealthier sister-city to the famous Pompeii, we find the villa of Neptune and Salacia. This city received a gentler treatment during the Vesuvian eruptions of 79 C.E. due to the direction of the wind. It is preserved almost intact by the ash, including objects made from wood, beds, and even food! The theme of preservation of things of value from a past that would otherwise remain unknown recurs here in the physical world. Salacia represents what lies beyond the matrix of the ordinary, and the possibility to access it.

So Salacia in Aries and in a loose, but still operational, conjunction to the Moon, has much to reveal to us. Like the Moon she is connected to origins of life (sea), deep desire and survival (processes like salivation accompany the need to feed and help break down food). This is a Super-Moon, the last of a sequence of four, a sort of opening prelude to the eclipse season starting this October. The Moon coming closer to Earth has a greater effect on the tides and bodies of water (including the human body). The automatic instinctual patterns imprinted deep into our psyche will come to the fore, and thus self-knowledge can be harvested.

Here we see an access to the deep sea of awareness. This is to be accomplished through the individual thirst to discover truth (Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Sagittarius). Salicia offers a rooting in silent wisdom, the still centre of the Erisian storm, from where the warrior observes without judgement or fear.

Salacia is frequently represented riding dolphins or sea-horses, pointing toward an opening to dreaming and shamanic travel in the spirit world. So let's create a void in the mind.


suggested viewing: Gurdjieff in Armenia

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