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Full Moon in axis Aries / Libra, 29th September 2023 – overview

Be yourself, in service.

Sovereignty and Uniqueness are important themes in this FM.

We are born into an environment in which imitation and compliance are necessary skills for survival. We learn this without needing to be explicitly told about it. It is inscribed in the very fabric of social interactions and culture.

Therein lie the lower and higher vibrations of Aries.

At the lower end of the spectrum we imitate to survive, and we comply to achieve. When tuned into this lower vibration, our being-in-the-community is merely a means to an end; personal achievement. Through this fear-driven ambition we tacitly accept our enslavement.

At the higher end of Aries vibrations we are forming our own power, acknowledging our needs, driving our lives forward as unique and unrepeatable human beings. In Aries we don't get as far as 'owning' ourselves, as that is Leo's domain. But on the higher end of the Aries spectrum we can get as far as refusing to be owned.

Many aspects of the full Moon speak to a fierce jealousy for our own individual space. But a conflict arises because the Sun in Libra reminds our being of the pleasures of relating, the bliss of balance. Any teaching or system that neglects either side of this equation must be consciously placed into the context of its opposite. Otherwise it becomes toxic, leading either to isolation in the name of spiritual achievement, or to the dilution of one's energy resources in the name of 'altruism', family or 'love'. It is necessary to consciously correct imbalances of this sort through self-observation. Imitating and following is part of learning, and then one must leave them behind, so as not to lose oneself in another's world. 'Being myself' is where one takes responsibility for who he is and his behaviour, his dreams and choices, without outside reference or permissions needed. In its own turn, this needs to be redressed consciously by acknowledging how help and indications have often come to us through other people, how life had led us through events, and that after all we didn't make it here by ourselves.

The conjunction of Sun, Sappho and Pallas in Libra embodies this integration. They are three very individual forces, self-affirming. And yet they all share a sense of moving out of the confines of the self to meet the 'other'; the Solar kingdom, the lover, the polis. The Moon in Aries can become too focused on the need to aggress and move forward, frequently neglecting to address what is lacking in its understanding of others and the peculiar situations they are in. The loose but operational conjunction of the Moon to Salicia is a gateway allowing the Moon in Aries to move into deeper territory; thus moving forward with wisdom, sensitivity and tact. The balance of Libra and the still calm of Salicia are not counter-forces to the movement that the Moon in Aries demands. It would be foolish to deny Aries its day. The balance and calm these elements bring are the place from which this movement springs. This is the warrior's silence in the midst of battle, the dancer's calm as every muscle and bone in her body is focused in one movement.

The integration of Aries and Libra represents the action of distinct parts acting in harmony, as one, without the need for coercion, through understanding and clear communication.

It's a time to act directly on forgiving and forgetting, on concretely re-evaluating power in our relationships, our drive to conquer, our desire to please... and how these aid or impede sincere friendship on the one hand, and/or the expression of our unique individual potential on the other.



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