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Full Moon in axis Cancer / Capricorn, 3rd July.

This is a time in which our need for approval from the outside world might be put under the spotlight. The noble impulse to be useful to society is frequently blocked by our fear of what others could think of us, or our desire to be liked. Through understanding how our self-doubt cannot be healed by this kind of pursuit we are drawn to let go of our self-reflection.

The Sun is in the Moon's kingdom of Cancer, in house 4, conj. Mercury.

The month of July should be an emotional one, especially as we reach the new Moon of the 17th July and the astrological changes that accompany it. But in the meantime we have lots happening. The conjunction of the Sun to Mercury is certainly going to effect the level and quality of communication, and also our thought and intuition. This is also happening in house 4, which is the house that corresponds to Cancer. There is a chance for gaining a certain clarity with regard to our emotional life, especially as regards the mechanisms that our emotions obey. Most of these mechanisms have been fundamentally established during early childhood, and thus in the context of the family. This is Cancer's domain, and since the Sun and Mercury are in conjunct we should make a deal out of being aware of what is happening in our thoughts. We can look underneath those thoughts to find clues that can take us down the rabbit hole of our emotional routines.

The full Moon forms harmonious aspects to Jupiter. Whatever the job this lunation presents us

with, it comes with the potential of growth, luck, and great optimism. It is also a highly relational

pattern, making us want to enjoy the presence of those we feel close to. Juno carries her role (scout planet) from the past new Moon into this lunation. Clarity can lead to a new commitment to the things that matter most. This goes well with Capricorn's hosting of the Moon, which indicates resilience of intent and loyalty. Also Juno's role can be seen in world events, for example, as the movie “Sound of Freedom”, exposing a worldwide ring of child sex-trafficking, will be launched in the USA on the national feast of the 4th of July. This is an important event because it shows that the human race can stand up and nurture itself by protecting the innocent (and its own future) against evil.

There is also the theme of nurturing our own inner child. This refers to a creative impulse that is the true alternative to the generalized narcissism that the culture of self-importance and self-pity imposes upon humanity. The marketplace of ideas is an inherently confusing place. The creative impulse, on the other hand, creates an effortless unity between body, soul, and spirit.

Relationships, especially those between male and female, will have to go through a bit of an intense patch. The conjunction of Mars with Venus indicates that there is going to be a mutual

understanding of the sexes, while dealing together with the challenges of Uranus. The conjunction of Venus to Lilith in Leo (ruled by the Sun), while the Sun is in the Moon's

domain of Cancer, might force us to land our attention on the neglected needs of women, our neglect of the feminine energy in general, and how we urgently need to make good for it. It might force us to face those stories we never realized in real life, and which now live and breath as vengeful demons in our unconscious. The indication is that creative action (conj. Venus/Mars) is the path to take in order to discover the shadows in the lake.

This is the prelude to surprising changes which will be ushered in, for example, by Venus going retrograde a few days after the next new Moon. In the meantime, as this full Moon wanes into the

new Moon, both Mars and Mercury will change signs. Mercury will follow up its stint with the Sun

as it enters shiny Leo, and Mars will become very focused as it enters Virgo. Both will bring a new level of communication and enthusiasm for clarity, service and truth to the table. We welcome this!

Do not miss the article about the 7th July. This full Moon is intimately linked to the important event described therein.




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