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Full Moon in Leo, 25th January 2024, 18.54 CET

By the time the Moon and Sun come into full opposition, thus forming what we know as a full Moon, a very important and powerful astrological event has already happened. The Sun and Pluto come into conjunction around the 20th January, and under this aspect cross over from Capricorn to Aquarius a day later. A few days later this conjunction becomes a loose one, and the Sun enters a perfect opposition to the Moon in Leo, the only sign in the zodiac that the Sun rules.

Pluto will spend 20ish years in Aquarius. In 2024 it will retrograde into Capricorn and re-enter Aquarius in November. It has already performed this dance, when back in March 2023 Pluto entered Aquarius, retrograding into Capricorn in June. A change of sign in 3 acts, concluding in November 2024. Of course this is a 'conclusion' only in one sense, as it forms the blueprint for permanent changes happening in our lifetime and beyond.

Pluto in Aquarius gains perspective and objectivity. Positive traits for a destroyer you might say.

It's very likely that the hidden motives behind technological roll-outs will be revealed. Pluto tends to blow the lid off the symbolism of the sign he is in. In this case the whole political and economic matrix falls under his line of fire as he concludes the job in Capricorn. But this is accomplished through the perspective he now gains from Aquarian themes. These technologies of information and communication are about to be revealed in their role as instruments of war, a war waged upon values, liberty, and life itself (Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn). These revelations can lead amongst other things to a situation in which the playground becomes more levelled, freeing these communication technologies from the stronghold of political and economic elites. This will not be limited to communication tech, as the authoritarian side of Saturn gives way to the more sustainable ideas and practices of its Aquarian side in general.

Restrictive measures, passed or enforced under the pretext and excuse of “your protection” and “your safety”, but that are really ways for the few to gain control over and exploit the many, are certainly included in Pluto's 'to-destroy' list. The theme of communication technologies might be more central than other Aquarian themes because there is another very important sign-change this year: Sedna leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, where it will stay for 44 years.  So, two mysterious and consequential planets moving from Earth to Air signs clearly tells us that matters of mind and communication will become ever more central.

The battle for the human mind is at the centre of most, if not all, the problems and tragedies that currently befall humanity and our fellow Earthlings. Wars, politically-driven division, ideas and ideologies that uproot the mind from its already precarious foothold in reality, the hypnosis of the masses who are secretly and unconsciously terrified...  In our time this battle is fought almost exclusively on the field of electronic communication, from radio and TV to your latest overpriced and overprized iPhone. The illusion has a Saturnian taste to it. January, Saturn's month, is named after the two-faced god Janus. There is an ambiguity to this vibration, and never is this ambiguity as strong as when Saturn is in Pisces, the sign of illusion, addiction and ill-health.

The communication battle is very much a matter of how human populations are pushed into addictions of all sorts, which produce ill-health, apathy, and despair. Little energy is left for these fellows to seriously question those who have appointed themselves to be their rulers, policy-makers, and saviours. With Saturn in Pisces a religion called 'Materialism' is taking a final and definitive form. Leaving all spirituality behind, it creates the illusion of a spiritual realm within which matter is robbed of the opportunity for transcendence. The world of the senses is thus condemned to itself in the boredom of machine-induced repetition.

On the other side of the page another story is being written; one that is directly linked to the new relationship between Pluto and Saturn following Pluto's ingress in Aquarius.

On the Capricornian side of Saturn Pluto's role included solidifying a top-down, hierarchical model of power (to the point of becoming unbearable and self-destructive). As Pluto enters the more refined vibration of Saturn (in Aquarius Saturn's nemesis Uranus has more than enough authority to break open Saturn's 'finished' work), its role changes accordingly (Kalen's Pluto). Here Pluto gains perspective, and destroys by discernment. In other words the elite's agenda of world domination is already over. They just cannot accept it yet.

The conjunction of Sun and Pluto brings great joy and hope. Pluto becomes focused on exactly what needs to be destroyed, thus being more discerning as well as more powerful. This is good news. Pluto gets to 'see' and work with the dimension of free individuality and individual expression (Sun) as well as refining and creating the space for individual sovereignty (Moon in Leo). All resistance to Aquarian benevolence is likely to be met with terrible wrath. 

Aquarius's modern ruler, Uranus, is stationing to turn direct during this full Moon. This gives it huge weight and power. It is the last major planet in retrograde, and no one can really be ready for the unified expression of Pluto and Uranus moving ahead. Things are going to be changing at dizzying speeds, many structures and securities will collapse, opening spaces for surprising and more balanced alternatives.

In its more positive vibrations Saturn in Pisces brings the wisdom of the egoless spirit into the world of matter, saving it from becoming its own absolute prison. The world will become lighter, more transparent, more willing and able to let the light in.


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