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The move of Pluto: the Theatre piece is starting !

Pluto had stayed in (tropical) Capricorn since 2008 = 15 years. Now, on Thursday, March 23, 2023, he will begin his journey in (tropical) Aquarius for three months, returns to Capricorn until the end of this year, then enters Aquarius again in January 2024 and remains there until 2044=20 years.

When Pluto, the main transformative planet, moves from a sign to another, there is much more cosmic power as its vibratory frequencies move through our solar system, awakening new situations in a huge way, both materially and spiritually. The collective human consciousness will also be the focus of attention.

Key words:

- Permanent metamorphosis

- Sign: Scorpion

- House: House 8

- Exaltation: Cancer and Lion

- Exile: Taurus

- Fall: Capricorn and Aquarius

- Element: Water (cold and wet)

- Polarity: Female Yin

- Harmonic or complementary planets: Moon – Mars

- Cycle time: approximately 248 years

- Physiology: scarring, hormones, viruses, immune system, genitals,


- Due to its irregular orbit, Pluto goes from 12 to 30 years according to the


- Pluto retrograde 162 days a year on average, depending on the signs of 3

months to more than half the year.


Pluto has a strong power of transformation, we can speak of metamorphosis. With Pluto, we must accept the idea of mourning but also of dying to be reborn, of losing, of dispossessing ourselves to gain depth and wisdom. It requires us to analyse ourselves, to undertake an analysis for some. With him, we get to the bottom of things, impossible to remain superficial. The very subtle energy of Pluto causes explosive psychic surges, the unconscious thus brewed expels the repressed feelings of the underground world towards the conscious surface, producing sudden revelations and awakenings. As a collective planet, Pluto marks entire generations (like Neptune and Uranus) and often points out the evolution and metamorphosis of civilizations.

On a shamanic point of view:

Pluto move invites us to enter the edifices of our shell(pain body) ref: and to cleanse our shell from the fake stories of the past, the various conditionings that formatted us. A process of transformation also bounces with the awareness to be in a process of transformation. If there is a crisis in the world, there is also a crisis in our inner world. The road to freedom is not a motorway.



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