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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

These explanations are based on the 'pain body' from Eckhart Tolle and 'Intent' from Carlos Castaneda.

Intent builds edifices into which it invites us to enter..

Our pain-body has an intent, and it too builds edifices into which it invites us.

These edifices are situations, events, feelings, actions…linked to the Intent (for example a sign to change flat) or to the pain-body (for example studying laws because the parents are lawyers).

These edifices were created by the pain-body to validate acts that we have to carry out according to our conditionings.

Here, our neurotic behaviours repeat and multiply infinitely during our lifetime. To recognize (or 'see') these edifices, we have to reach back to the first (basic) behaviours generously given by our education.

Those that jailed us in the first stages of our existence.

The edifices of the pain-body are concrete buildings.

We are dealing with the trap of the pain-body, the trap of the world, the trap of the flyers, through which they invite us to validate the pain-body. Trapped in this edifice, the goal of being human becomes that of suffering and getting stuck to negative emotions.

These are the edifices which affect the emotional system and which disturb all the feelings we cross. These are our first edifices. They generate what we have to face, all the time.

To avoid them, it is necessary to get speed.

Speed is acquired only through a larger reserve of energy.

We all have to enter these edifices connected to our fundamental fears.

We are not different.

Since we all have the same conditioning, we also have the same kind of edifices. Only, by nature, we chose our directions by excess or by default. It’s like eating a dish with different forks and in a different manner.

Our task is to identify the ones that formatted us.

Otherwise, edifices are perpetually self-creating.

The art of the stalking; it is the art of presence.

And the speed to tackle situations is acquired by the fact that we know that our edifices are going to appear. Knowing that, one is already seeing them. But edifices will always be there, and they will wait. At the slightest false move, they will re-present themselves.

The edifices of the pain-body are in front of us, there, like a wall of fog, standing on the sidelines. With more speed and a better seeing, the edifice always stays in our field of vision.

The purpose is to change the direction of our gaze. Somehow, it is about seeing the world differently. If someone sees the world with anger, his/her world becomes violent. So why not learn how to see it as smooth?

Not giving the pain-body its food is one of the keys.

Self-observation is also necessary.


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