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Full Moon in Libra, 28th March 2021, 20.48 CET, Malta.

Active Receptivity

Shooting off from the Spring Equinox, the first lunation of the seasonal/astrological year is a call to balance the raw and aggressive martian energy with a soft inner disposition of total receptivity. An attitude of non-resistance is priceless. Healing of past emotional wounds, perhaps even karmic ones, is available for those who are ready to let go of pre-conceptions and attachment to painful experience.

Receive Healing:

Our instinctual need for connection and companionship, on all its levels – from the most carnal to the platonic, is likely to be boosted particularly by the opposition Moon / Venus. So in terms of emotional intensity we are in for a roller-coaster ride. But this is precisely why full Moons are so useful. They highlight the hidden, and thus offer the opportunity for healing. Order is brought about from the disorder that we see.

Chiron (not in the chart illustration below ) is also conjuncting Venus and the Sun in Aries. The hurt of past disappointments, rejections and betrayals (real or perceived) are bound to come up in some way or another. Hidden, these hurts bring about a hardening of our protective emotional shell. It is felt subconsciously by anyone who approaches us, and will usually attract relationships that mirror our pain and confirm it by feeding it further. Exposed, on the other hand, this hurt becomes real in the present; we feel its vibration directly. This is the action of healing. Our shell, our interface with the world of everyday life, then becomes more pliable, and a space for a new move in the chess-game of living is made available.

Listen with your Silence:

The effect of this chart is also going to be felt in the area of our relationship to the world at large.

Through observation I have come to a conclusion that the martian energy is manifesting in accumulated nervousness, intolerance, and a high level of systemic negativity. The common person is 'in two minds' about everything (Gemini) and feels lost and angry. “Solutions” are being trusted exclusively to the rational mind, and are of course adding wood to the fire.

We do not live to suffer. We are here to enjoy living. We thus allow ourselves to have desire, to

pursue beauty in all its forms, allow ourselves to be intoxicated by the spontaneous and adventurous tremor of the present moment, thereby drowning the condemnations of our conditioned mind in our silence. This silence is in fact less about 'shutting out' the world and more about 'being completely at one' with the world, being in total attention to what is, inwardly and outwardly.

This makes it a time in which we are called by the spirit to listen with our silence. The systemic

war on physical silence needs to be met with a new strategy; one in which even noise, through total attention, becomes a path to inner silence.

Bring about a New Earth:

We are energy-processors, and the great teacher, Saturn, is now in a harmonious aspect to the full Moon. This indicates a clear opening, and an important one. The negativity that affects us from the outside does so precisely because it finds a kindred vibration within us. Pain likes sympathy in the same way as misery loves company. So when we are processing the 'sting of the world' we are also processing our own pain, purifying and liberating the energy: and the world is renewed through us.

In the venusian alchemic spirit, we turn base material (dirty energy) into gold (pure energy, or love if you wish). We are filters, processors of energy. The acceptance of this function as human beings is vital, for we arm ourselves with the clarity that by receiving healing we actually change the world.

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