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The great reset

This should be the title of a film ...On Monday 22nd March around 18h00 I was

reading a page from the Power of Silence from Castaneda on my laptop. While

listening to relaxion music, i felt a bit irritated by the move of the wind slapping my

bedroom door. The door closed itself with rage, shaking the triple old plug...

suddenly no electricity for a sec and my laptop shut down by itself. As it was not

the first time that this kind of thing happens, I decided to plug back the laptop, but

apparently there was a kind of reset in motion. I told to myself "let's wait for a

while". After half an hour, no way to have my usual screen back. No worries, will

try tomorrow morning.

On Tuesday, I brought the laptop to a technician for a quote of the repair.

The guy phoned me one hour later arguing it was not so important

and had to put a saving program and see what has been damaged inside. Half an

hour later, he phoned me telling me that the repair is going well but my datas and

files were maybe destroyed...I told him the exact situation of Monday evening. The

guy replied that the power cut happened at the exact moment when my computer

was updating or whatever you call doing a reset.

Imagine this one second of synchronicity! One simple second when the lack of

electricity meets the need for it, the time when Castaneda teachings meets the

flyers. Maybe it should be a tale of power, maybe not, depending on how the mind

analyzes it. My right side was telling me " bad luck and more money to spend", my

left side was telling me "if the world needs a new great reset, then i also need


And by the way, I was reading a chapter called the manifestations of the

Spirit (les manifestations de l'Esprit).

Spring equinox has its own surprises!


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