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7th January 2023: welcoming the Wolf Moon!

The FM of January is called “moon of the wolf”, as it is said that in the Anglo-Saxon world, wolves were howling stronger. Does the very intriguing symbol of the wolf suit with the zodiac?

Let’s try to find some open windows.

In ancient Rome, the female wolf used to feed Romulus and Remus. In that case, we

can consider the Martian aspect of this FM.

The god of war stays in the sign of Gemini, castle of the good of communication, Mercury. This mutual interception puts in light the battle for the truth occurring in the world, as the corrupt governments are using their media as a shield. But after taking a lot of strikes, a shield might show its weakness: it cannot properly protect the user.

Moon in Cancer and Wolf:

The Wolf has the senses very awakened. Is it due to his alliance with the Moon, symbol of both psychic and unconscious energy holder of knowledge and wisdom? When he howls at the Moon, is he trying to join these new ideas barely concealed just beyond breathless of awareness?

The moon in Cancer reflects the attitude of the wolf: sensitivity, feelings, flair, intuition, wilderness.

The moon is at home in Cancer. The group, tribe pack...faces the individuality and the career maker symbolized by the Capricorn.

Ruled by Mars and Saturn, the brave Capricorn has to put its ego apart and accept its counter part: the feminine moon in Cancer.

It is time to consider that reason is a trap, and that the human being has other battles than the one of self importance, freshly served on any TV channel dishes.

Pluto-Black Moon: preparing the end of the opposition:

This FM chart is showing that both Pluto and Lilith are going to move, so to change signs. Their opposition almost is at the last degrees of Cancer (Black Moon) and Capricorn (Pluto). The process of transformation impulsed by the god of hell, involving a though work on the forces of the unconscious, had a tremendous echo with the Black the discovery of our real potential, and not the one given by the system/matrix. In a birth chart, the position of the BM indicates a point remaining unconscious and therefore, containing a fabulous energy locked by dark desires, temptation, attraction, seduction, sex, fascination, rejection, fear, revenge...

Do not forget the Cardinal Cross!

It is one of the three sign modalities (cardinal, fixed, mutable), associated with being goal and action oriented and wanting to make something new happen. The four Cardinal signs are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Every sign is a unique combination of element and modality.

This FM has a subtle mix between action and communication, as we are pretty sure that something will happen, delivering a message or making us taking a decision.

Human consciousness will reach new heights as we want to share with each other the great truths of our discoveries.

The messages of the wolf:

The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom and awareness of the importance of social connections. This animal can also symbolize fear of being threatened and lack of trust.

The wolf is a powerful spirit animal, symbolizing the ability to navigate through life with confidence and strength. It represents the wild, untamed spirit that lives within us all. The wolf reminds us to embrace our primal instincts and to trust our inner wisdom.

Every warrior can meditate on wolves howling, trying to move his/her assemblage point.

This FM also give us the opportunity to access our nagual part....


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