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Full Moon in Pisces, 21st September 2021

1.54 CET, Malta

Moving from Mental Agitation to Intuitive Agility

This morning, after a night of strange and karmic dreams, I decided to take a walk to the shop to buy coffee. On the way I was struck by a small metal door on the ground, leading to the underground, with an inscription 'Hermetica'. So my head began to buzz and quickly I made the connection to Mercury (Hermes).

As i write two large birds of prey hover towards the North-West. A rare scene where I come from, and a clear sign of the presence of power. This full Moon in Pisces is a very mystical lunation, following a new Moon marked by the Black Moon/North Node conjunction. We have the Sun in Virgo which brings an attitude of groundedness, an opening for healing, and a wish to be of service to the community.

The mystical character of this special lunation, called the “Harvest Moon”, is enhanced by its coincidence with the Autumnal Equinox, as we leave behind Summer-time frivolity and get ready to be “made bare” by the 'Fall'. To be perceptive, engaged in a grounded imagination, and to be in tune with one's dreams is a good idea. It can lead us to many an understanding, and therefore to liberation.

All About Mercury

Mercury is the hinge on which this understanding is turning. It is in a tricky square to Pluto and in a very tight and harmonious trine to Jupiter. Remembering the previously mentioned conjunction of Black Moon and North Node during the past new Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury), we see that uncovering humanity's real destiny from underneath the layers of mental manipulation is a matter of tuned intuition that leads to a cleansing of karma. Now we are in a new stage of this process, at the beginning of a new seasonal cycle. Which is good. New perspectives, a new vision.

Pluto square Mercury

“when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”


Pluto, linked to the existence of secret societies and other agents of change through destruction and shady motives, squaring Mercury of course connects to the study and discovery of such nefarious groups and their agendas. Warriors are called to find out and understand, but in so doing they must also be aware that a strong connection to their inner light makes the difference between understanding on the one hand, and becoming consumed by the black hole of the spectacle of evil on the other. Mercury is in Libra, looking for balance and the joys of relationship. Being in nature is also very calming.

In a warrior's quest to find out, his focus must be the awareness of his own heart.

Jupiter trine Mercury

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”


This trine is an extremely positive aspect, and the most powerful influence on the chart.. which coupled with the axis of the full Moon brings a good dose of potential for good news. In fact its only trap is that we might get “too positive” with regard to our expectations.

However it certainly provides us with an opening to leave behind the spell of negativity, nurture a positive outlook toward the future, make space in our minds for good news, make plans with courage and intuition, trusting our instinct.

We leave mental agitation behind, and activate the intuitive agility and inspiration required to move forward.


All the big-boys planets from Jupiter outward are in retrograde motion, including centaurs Chiron (deep wounds) and Nessos (deep trauma, abuse). Vesta and Mercury also share house 9 (new system – in green) and house 4 (old system – in black). So, discovery of karma, specifically that connected to close relationships, family etc. This indicates that this is a time to cook our karma (s) (link). We take back lost power in this way.

The Force is with us


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