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Full Moon in Pisces, 31st August, 3.35am CET

Considering that this is a special full Moon it's time to talk about some hidden forces. Plutinos and dwarf planets are celestial bodies that share essential characteristics with Pluto, particularly their affinity with the underworld and the Scorpio energy; deep, mysterious, tricky, of death and rebirth.

Hidden Forces

Orcus-Vanth, in Virgo, presently the closest planet to the Sun on our chart (filling the void of a scout planet), is a binary plutino, which means that the two planets have an orbital connection to each other.

Orcus is essentially a punisher. He takes those who have broken oaths and sacred laws, drags them into the underworld, and forces them to see the light. He is connected to torture and other forms of cruelty.

Vanth, his smaller female assistant, is mythologically speaking a daemon who benevolently assists and guides the soul that has just left the body in death. So the energy of this binary plutino describes how humanity is being punished by hidden forces, for its very real transgressions. The methods of such secret groups and dictatorial organisations do appear to have many similarities to methods used in torture.

And yet there is also a more neutral way of experiencing the difficult situation of the world at large. We are at the end of an age and the beginning of a new one, and humanity is facing karma. We must see the light before our specie can move on, and we have awareness as our guide. Eventually those who are seeking to interfere with life and replace the natural world with artificial constructs will too have to face Orcus' wrath.

Mouth of Orcus

In the meantime we can attempt understand in a deeper manner how these predatory forces function, as well as what solutions are hidden in the dense tapestry of the matrix.

The 'new Covid variant' has been christened Eris. It is no coincidence that Eris is also a dwarf planet that is significantly placed in this chart, conjunct the N.Node. Daughter of Night, sister to Ares, and in some cases mother to Orcus, she is the goddess of chaos and conflict. Amongst other indications that we have arrived at a tipping point with the introduction of this vibration into the public sphere, there is the fact that Eris's numerology is consonant with the number 19, a number that represents at once the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. Eris's orbit is very long, lasting around five and an half centuries, and thus having an influence on the 'ages'. We are living on the cusp of a new age. Eris conjunct the N.Node tells us that even though conflict and terrible difficulties lie ahead of us, this is part of the process for humanity's alignment to its true destiny. Eris shares many characteristics with Black Moon Lilith (with whom she forms a trine, by the way), especially with regards to her distaste for compliance and subjugation, elitism and inequality. She is the quintessential Rebel.

Her purpose is to get to the truth.

A Feeling for Truth

This full Moon is about truth. The Sun is in Virgo, seeker of truth, and the Moon is in Pisces, the wisest sign in the zodiac. Adding up to that, there are two grand trines. Both involve Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, but one includes Mercury, and the other includes Mars. This points to a war waged on the battlefield of information, thought, and communication. The retrograde motion of many important planets and Mars's position in Libra gives me the feeling that we are called to be grounded in our inner truth, and make a sincere effort to understand others who have different points of view. This is further confrmed by the opposition of both Mars and Mercury to Neptune, in his own kingdom in the empathic Pisces. Our 'weapon' is love, for the darkness cannot know it.

The chart clearly shows that there is going to be much to handle and process, and this is going to be our reality for years to come. It can quite abruptly become a bit 'too much'. So the work we do that favours inner stillness and grounded emotion will certainly pay its dividends down the line.

A full Moon in Pisces amplifies emotion. This one is also a Blue Moon because it is the second full Moon in a month. The colour blue introduces the vibration of the throat chakra which is the energy-centre of emotion and creative expression, and relates to how we interact with the physical world through action and feeling. The 'battle' or 'game' is being played in and around the emotional centre. It is also a Super Moon, the fourth in a row, closest to Earth it will be this year, and therefore more powerful. In the throat chakra we also store fear, and the war on communication is mostly delivered via injections of fear, worry and concern. We must be aware of this unspoken strategy, for its intent is to carve a psychological groove in the collective unconscious through the trauma induced by the feeling of helplessness. This is very dangerous, and intense awareness is the only way to dissolve the intent. We then can free our focus from the mesmerising dancing shadows, and allow ourselves to build something in a spirit of communion and non-conformity. In this way we would be facing karma positively, by learning the lessons and acting on them.

Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto, forming a triangle of Earth with Mercury....both Mercury and Uranus have very recently turned retrograde, so there is little doubt that we are about to experience some real earthquakes with regards to communication, finance, agriculture... but also with regards to inner intuition. With Uranus and Jupiter in conjunction we can expect surprising strokes of luck and the dropping of some serious truth-bombs in the immediate future!

Mutability: Re-Structuring Everything

As we let go of the rational mind, seek presence in the physical body, make changes that favour our health, we will be also exploring a re-structuring of our emotions, as well as forming a deeper link with the Whole. This is a time in which we must dream big and nurture our confidence. The chart shows a strong mutable influence, which points us towards the virtues of flexibility and adaptation.

For now the energy of Pluto is focused on the Capricornian 'top-down' model, one that favours systems, hierarchies, rules, and restrictions. As it moves toward Aquarius and eventually makes its entry in this revolutionary sign, a new energy will become available for forming new structures through a 'side-by-side' model. New forms of social interaction, social genesis, food-supply, finance, and communication, will emerge from bringing together effectively the beautiful rainbow of differences that humanity truly is. It is the right time to dream and intend this, for we are at the climax of the axis of service (Virgo/Pisces), boosted by a strong creative impulse (Venus in Leo, and many others).

We are to perform a reality-check on ourselves. How seriously are we taking the life of awareness?


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