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Full Moon in Sagittarius, 4th June 2023

The most common and obvious way in which human beings communicate is through strings of


There are strings of words that carry noise and disorder, and then there are those which point us

towards the Silence. This is the crux, the infallible indicator of whether an utterance carries the intent of truth, or whether it carries the intent of conflict. The indicator of truth is a warm inner silence felt around the solar plexus, while the indicator of polarised discourse is a feeling of tension and unease – subtle as it may be – and a resulting zig-zag stream of mutually triggered mental oppositions.

The intent of truth wakes up the Silence.

The intent of polarisation traps the mind in irresolvable conflict

Traditionally in astrology “the lower mind”, represented by Gemini, and “the higher mind”, represented by Sagittarius, form an axis in which this interaction plays out. Gemini's vibration is 2- dimensional thought (thought that references itself), while Sagittarius' thought becomes an

exploration of reality, a triangulation, hosting an empty and silent centre.

Sagittarius is the Sage. And thus it is receptive to wisdom as Student, and generous as Teacher. His quest for truth leads him to never settle in the comfort of foregone conclusions. He is the Nomad who seeks the silence of true Wisdom, of truth that is always a seed, always in germination.

In direct defiance of a world that is obsessed with opinions and 'defending positions', where people settle down in the vast pathless desert of truth around mirages of oases that never existed, eating sand to quench their thirst, Sagittarius rejects the nonsense, for his search for truth is not a mental game but a battle for his life.

This is a full Moon, which means that the Moon and Sun are in opposition. It is a characteristically emotional time because it highlights the contradictions in our lives. The strong influence of the Fire element suggests that this is a very practical lunation. The Moon in Sagittarius suggests that we have an opportunity to deal wisely with our basic human needs, needs we fear to express or even acknowledge. The power of the Sun in Gemini can help us conceptualise those needs in order to understand them better and to communicate them in ways that others can understand. Communication between our silence and our concept-forming ability, as well as communication with trusted friends and confidants is highly prized in this chart. Much can be revealed through our emotions during this time, and much of the clues we are going to be given can simply disappear back into our unconscious if we are not there to catch them.

The chart is full of important interactions. I will here do my best to give a short description of what I feel are the most relevant.

1. T-Square involving Sun, Moon, headed by Saturn in Pisces: Saturn in Pisces can put further pressure on the sense of contradiction already present in the full Moon axis. Saturn seeks to teach structure and responsibility, while Pisces is interested in and committed to the fluidity that blurs those lines. Saturn is big on issues of political import, while Pisces is aware that these are transient expressions of deeper currents. So here we face the challenge of finding a careful balance between engagement and escape, of being aware of the social issues and problems that surround us without getting trapped in the circus-march. The act of Turning In is an act of peaceful and effective revolution.

2. T-Square involving Pluto / Venus opposition, headed by Jupiter and North Node: This T-Square is a metamorphosed version of one that we found in the previous new Moon. During this waxing part of the lunar cycle Mars moved out of the T-Square into the Fire sign Leo, while his feminine counterpart, Venus, took his place within the T-Square. There is therefore a strong and deeply felt tension between personal satisfaction of our emotional needs and the larger cycles of human evolution. Jupiter as the head of the T-Square suggests that this is going to be felt mainly as a matter of how relating, particularly in the romantic sense, has become a particularly complicated affair. Fears that have been stored in the collective unconscious for centuries have been resurfacing with Pluto's journey through Libra (relationships), Scorpio (sexuality), Sagittarius (the philosophy of freedom) and Capricorn (political hijack of human relations). The only retrograde bodies in the chart are in Saturn's domains (Capricorn and Aquarius). Playing on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, Pluto is further ushering the collapse of certainties of all kinds. It is going to take great courage for men and women to re-learn how to relate freely, as well as for individuals to integrate the polarities of their energy.

3. The Triangle of Fire; Moon, Chiron, Pallas + Lilith: The Moon finds expression difficult in

Sagittarius. But the movement of Mars from Cancer (past NM) to Leo puts emphasis on

expression and enables it. A very deep emotional lack is here screaming for expression, one

that is probably experienced also as a crisis of identity, connected to the rift between the

masculine and feminine energies. A deep wound is calling for attention, an isolation to be

approached and understood. This cannot be easy in any case, but it is possible. The

conjunction of Pallas and Lilith points to a bridge, a healing of the resentful wound that

separates reason and intuition.

4. Mars Quincunx Saturn: The Quincunx is an aspect (angle) of 150º between planets or points

on a chart. Usually I don't use it much, even though it is considered a major aspect. This

time we must consider it, otherwise we risk missing the sense of whole chart.

• We have just been through May, the 5th month of the year, resonating with the number 5

quincunx is achieved by dividing the circle into 12 parts and taking five segments (30ºx 5 = 150º). The reader will notice that this is a perfect analogue to the months of the year and the

5th month, May.

• As we progressed from May to June, Mars moved accordingly into Leo, out of the T-Square

and into the quincunx with Saturn. June is the 6th month of the year, resonating with the

number 6 (The Lovers). This is perfectly consistent with Venus replacing Mars in

Jupiter's T-Square, and also with the fact that the quincunx naturally leads to the number 6

(150º = 1+5 = 6). In fact the way that this quincunx of Mars and Saturn ties the chart

together is quite thrilling:

• A quincunx has the special characteristic by which the signs involved have absolutely

nothing in common. They are complete strangers with no basis to begin a dialogue, no easy

spark for balance or mutual understanding. One or both will have to make an accommodating

compromise. In this case we must make the gamble upon the movement of vibrations from

5th to 6th, that have been complimented by the movement of Mars out of Cancer (Water) and into Leo (Fire). This movement expresses the great divide and disorder that the male and female polarities have been thrown into by being severed through ideology and mental frameworks that have nothing to do with reality. This is the root of isolation and the utter confusion that comes with it, and is essentially a Lilithian vibration. The quincunx Mars / Saturn is happening between Pisces and Leo, arguably the most feminine and the most masculine of signs. Their common ground is their isolation from each other, the feeling of being stranded at the extremities of a polarization. A full Moon in Sagittarius seeks to ask the right questions about why these complimentary opposites have been isolated from each other. This is a good ground to begin a dialogue, and to avoid falling back into the illusory safety of old structures, as we glide downstream on the the lips of rivers.


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