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Full Moon in Scorpio, 24th April 2024, 1.48 CET

“this emotionally intense lunation invites us to explore our resistance toward change, become intimate with our fears, recognize unacknowledged desires, and illuminate the shadows within ourselves.”

T-Square of Full Moon and Pluto

The Moon in Scorpio is full of struggle, and the double square of the Moon and the Sun to Pluto makes this struggle more intense on both the level of emotions and the physical world. Great struggles of power are underway at this time, but more importantly an invitation to go deeper into our emotions, reaching the softer currents of the still deep.

This interaction of Pluto and the full Moon puts the spotlight upon hidden things, hidden plans, covert mechanisms. This is a process of healing which has been intensified since the last eclipse, especially considering Chiron's place in the story. This healing reaches out to the shock and resulting hidden tension which many of us became victims to when our eyes were opened during the Covid-19 period. We discovered a dark world of malignant forces working tirelessly to achieve nefarious goals. Suddenly everything we thought we knew and trusted revealed a black underbelly, an underworld of nihilistic intent.

This full Moon comes a few days before Beltaine, the opposite of the dark Samhain on the sacred wheel of the year. During this healing passage we are invited to behold the darkness from a safe distance, exploring it, finding it out, bringing light and healing to our being. We are invited to acknowledge the existence of forces that work tirelessly to impede us from discovering and using our creative potential, and of multiplying its power through cooperation.

This full Moon could be seen as a sort of initiation, a passage through which we accept to die a little.  For if Samhain is the feast of the dead, Beltaine is the feast of those who arise as a phoenix from the ash.

Desire and the Creative Mind

The lower instincts are heightened when under the spell of fear, and so is the corresponding form of desire. This is a time in which we can free our instincts from that spell, and put ourselves in a position to have a tete-a-tete with our instinctual nature. The passage of the Sun from Aries to Taurus brings to our attention the fact that the creative mind works with the same energies as the instincts. It is a matter of freeing our instinct from fear so that energy can ascend, and we can build lasting expressions of our spiritual individuality. This is further reinforced by the fixed T-Square pointing towards completion in the fire-sign Leo, generous, individual, and expressive.

Desire is always seeking to create. The creative mind works with a 'higher' form of desire, one that is represented by the higher vibrations of Venus, ruler of Taurus. Beauty, harmony of form, pleasure in the creative process, companionship, a feast of the senses.

Suggested exercise: Taurus is linked to the 2nd house. You can look into what you have in this house on your birth-chart. It is the house of how we relate to the world around us, how we express ourselves in it, and how it can either become a golden prison of excitement and possessions, or a playground of opportunity for life-affirming pleasure and growth.

The Dilemma

On the surface this full Moon presents a dilemma between preservation and change. The solar focus is on preserving and holding on to the familiar, while the Moon sits in the scorpion's den, full of mystery, shadow, danger and promise. Taurus is what we are going to easily own up to about ourselves, while Scorpio is what we are not happy to acknowledge about ourselves. And there is nothing wrong with any of these polarities, as long as they are allowed to interact. This interaction becomes a creative act in which from a safe solar standpoint of what we are happy with, we accept to take a look at what lies hidden in the garden of rejections that is our unconscious. In there we find good things as well as bad things, but whatever we are about to find will bring us closer to the truth, which is in the end the only foundation on which it is worth building anything.

The T-Square that Pluto forms with the full Moon gives the clear message that our sleeping power is about to awake. The fixed cross strongly suggests that this power finds its fulfilment in cooperation and tenacity.

A Triple Conjunction

The healing process that started on the previous new Moon / eclipse is now coming to a first round of completion. Chiron in this chart is acting as a mediator in a very interesting multiple conjunction.

Mercury, still in retrograde, is in conjunction to the North Node, while Venus is conjunct Eris.  Both these conjunctions are conjunct Chiron, working together through the mediation of this centaur's skill set. Chiron represents the weakness we can never heal from, but through engagement with which we become more authentic human beings with a deeper capacity for love. Through Chiron we learn humility and become sensitive to the pain of others, as well as our own.

Mercury's retrograde has led us into an inward turn, leading us, through its present conjunction to the north node, into a clearer vision of our destiny and how we are to make it happen. The conjunction of Venus and Eris, while emphasising again the traps of vanity and desire, brings to our attention the possibility of reconciliation between what has been rejected and the consciousness that has done the rejecting. It invites us to see through the veil of chaos, and sense with our spirit the harmony that underlies everything. Our faith in life has been shaken.  Now it's time for faith to come back and start shaking things up.

With Chiron actively mediating these powerful forces we are becoming ever more able to re-turn our perception of the world into a positive one; only this time armed with a deeper grasp of the truth. After discovering that underneath the world we knew there are nefarious plans leading to chaos and suffering, it is now time to deepen our vision to see the harmony of Life at work underneath the chaos.


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